Convert OFT File to HTML Format Via Professional Method

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User Query: George is a marketing professional who needs to update your company’s email templates, which are currently in OFT format. To make them easier to edit and compatible with his new web-based email system, he needs to convert them to HTML.  However, he doesn’t know how to convert OFT to HTML without any errors. As a result, he wants a reliable solution to perform the conversion with ease.”

This is not a single query that the user asked. Nowadays, conversion has become very common. So, multiple users want to convert OFT to HTML conversion process. That’s why we are here to provide an effective solution where users can effortlessly perform the procedure in bulk. Moreover, we will elaborate on some common reasons to choose HTML format over OFT format. But moving further, we will discuss both formats in depth. 

Describing OFT and HTML Formats

OFT:- Microsoft Outlook saves its templates with the .oft file extension. These templates are pre-formatted email layouts that can be customized as needed. They are especially useful for businesses to send personalized emails to multiple people using the same design.

HTML:– HTML, on the other hand, is a language used to create and format web pages. HTML files can be opened in any text editor and are widely used because they are versatile and easy to share. You can open an HTML file in any web browser, making it easy to view and share with others.

Now that you know these file formats, let’s discuss a few reasons for the conversion. After that, we will elaborate on a simple and reliable method to convert OFT to PDF.

Why Choosing HTML File Over OFT is Beneficial?

The following section will discuss some reasons to convert OFT to HTML Document. 

  • HTML files work on many different things like computers, phones, and email programs so more people can see your emails.
  • You can change HTML files easily using simple programs, making it simple to design your emails how you want. As a result, users want to convert OFT File to HTML Format.
  • HTML is good for putting email templates into websites or apps, keeping your brand looking the same everywhere online.
  • You can easily share HTML files online, helping you work better with your team or clients.
  • HTML lets you make emails that look good on different devices, giving a better experience to the people who get your emails.

How to Convert OFT to HTML?

The OFT Converter Tool is simple and designed to convert OFT files. It lets you choose which parts of the file to convert and can handle multiple OFT files simultaneously. This tool works well on Windows and Mac computers and keeps your OFT file intact after conversion. Moreover, this software allows users to view their chosen files in a hierarchy folder. In addition, users can perform selective conversion and delete duplicate files before accomplishing the procedure. Now, let’s see how this tool works.

Steps to Convert OFT File to HTML:

  • First, install and open the OFT to HTML Converter Tool.
  • Click on “Browse” to choose your OFT file from your computer.
  • Next, select the OFT file and click “Open.”
  • After that, choose the folder you want from the list that appears.
  • Subsequently, select “HTML” from the dropdown menu to choose the HTML format.
  • Further, click on “Optional Features” if needed.
  • Then, pick where you want to save the HTML file.
  • At last, click “Convert” to change your OFT file to HTML.

Here, we accomplished a reliable way to convert OFT to HTML. Now, we will discuss the advanced features of this utility to clear all your doubts. 

Additional Features of OFT to HTML Converter:

  • Easy way to convert OFT emails to HTML without technical knowledge.
  • Mail filter feature for migration within a specific date.
  • Maintains data integrity during OFT to HTML conversion.
  • Handles bulk OFT emails to HTML conversion.
  • Removes duplicate emails from the files.

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Converting OFT files to HTML is easy and makes your email templates more useful. Just follow the steps to convert OFT to HTML we talked about earlier, and you’ll have HTML versions of your templates ready to use. This format is great because it works well in many different places, like on websites or in programs. Whether you want to make your emails look better or edit them more easily, switching to HTML is a smart move that can make your work much smoother.

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