Best Methods to Convert OLM to PDF Format – Easy Guide

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Sometimes, Users need to save their Mac Outlook OLM into PDF format. But they don’t know how to convert OLM to PDF safely. Well, there are several ways to do this, and the reason behind choosing PDF over the OLM. As a result, it’s easy to share and can open on any device. In short, PDF formats are straightforward to access. Moreover, users can also use the OLM Converter for performing bulk conversion. 

People like to keep their Mac Outlook emails as a PDF file. And PDF is great because it’s easy to share and can open on any device. That’s why we’ll look at some simple ways to change your OLM files to PDF.

Need to Convert OLM file to PDF Format

OLM files are a unique type of file used by Microsoft Outlook for Mac. They can only be opened by Microsoft Outlook for Mac. On the other hand, PDF files work everywhere, on any device.

There are good reasons why people want to change OLM files to PDF:

  • Easy to Open Everywhere: PDFs work on any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or phone. In short, you can share them with anyone, no matter what they use.
  • Simple to Move Around: PDFs are easy to carry around. You can put them on a USB drive or store them in the cloud without hassle.
  • Keep Things Private: You can put a password on PDF files to keep them safe. As a result, it is great for keeping essential emails private.
  • Saves Space: PDF files are usually smaller than OLM files. 
  • Easy for Everyone: PDFs are simple to use, even if you’re not a computer whiz. That means you can share them with anyone, even if they’re not great with technology.

So, converting OLM files to PDF is the best move if you want to make your emails easy to share, keep them safe, and save space on your device. Now, we will perform the conversion process. 

How to Convert OLM to PDF?

The following section will elaborate on two solutions to accomplish the conversion procedure. First, we will do it manually and then use the automated technique.

#1. Convert OLM Files to PDF Documents Using the Print Option

  • First, open Outlook on your computer.
  • Next, pick the emails you want to turn into PDFs.
  • After that, go to the ‘File‘ menu and click ‘Print.’
  • In the print options, choose ‘Save as PDF‘ from the menu and ensure everything looks good.
  • Then, give your file a name and decide where you want to keep it.
  • Finally, hit ‘Save,’ and your file will turn into a PDF.

Doing this manually might sound a bit tricky, and it needs you to know your technical knowledge regarding Outlook. Moreover, it consumes lots of time because you have to export data one by one. If you want to perform the bulk conversion, follow the upcoming approach.

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#2. Convert OLM to PDF Documents in Bulk

Cigati OLM Converter Software is safe and can change multiple OLM files into PDFs all at once. Moreover, it does this without losing any of your data, even the attachments. Once you’ve transformed your OLM files into PDFs on your Mac, you can easily share them with anyone, no matter what device they use. You can even attach these PDFs to emails, perfect for critical stuff like legal documents. Additionally, you can keep them super safe by putting a password on them. In addition, you don’t need to be a tech genius to use this tool, as it’s made super simple for everyone. Now, we will perform the bulk conversion. 

Steps to Converting Outlook OLM Files to PDF: 

  • First, open and launch the OLM to PDF Converter Tool on your local computer.
  • Then, Choose Single File/Multiple Files or Select Folder to add an OLM file.
  • After that, click Select Files to choose an OLM file, and click Open to add it/them.
  • Then, you can Preview from the tree structure > Next.
  • Now, pick PDF as the format you want to save them in from the list.
  • You can also use some extra features that come with the tool and just click Convert.
  • This software will change your OLM files into PDFs.

Final Words

Turning OLM files into PDFs has lots of good things. It makes your files effortless to carry around and keeps them safe, and secure for the future. Whether you do it manually or using an automated approach. Just follow the steps talked about in this guide, and you’ll be able to convert OLM to PDF.

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