Extract Attachments From EML Files Using Fastest Method

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Emails are an essential part of our professional life as well as personal. Some users store their emails offline in EML format. Basically, EML contains email messages, subject lines, the sender’s information, the date of the message, and other relevant information. The EML files can be easily accessed by MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. But sometimes users need to extract attachments from EML files for multiple reasons.

In this article, we’ll look at how to manually extract attachments from EML files, as well as a more efficient solution: the EML Converter Tool. This tool makes the entire procedure easier for both technical experts and people without.

Need to Extract Attachments From EML File

Many users have different reasons for extracting attachments from EML files. Here are some:

  • Keeping a Copy: Users may want a copy of their attachment on their computer.
  • Combining Attachments: Sometimes, it’s easier to extract attachments from many EML files into one file.
  • Sharing Attachments: Users might need to share attachments with someone else.
  • Legal Purposes: Attachments can be used as evidence in court cases.

Overall, there are many reasons to extract attachments from EML files on Mac or Windows. Everyone’s needs are different. Some people want to extract a few attachments, while others need to extract many. Let’s discuss several ways to extract attachments easily.

How to Extract Attachments From EML Files?

Here, we will define several ways to save separate attachments from EML files. Follow the below procedures.

#1. Save EML Attachments Using an Email Client (Thunderbird)

To extract attachments from an EML file using Thunderbird, follow these simple steps:

  • First, open the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your screen.
  • After that, create a new folder and move your EML files into it.
  • Then, open the email messages containing the attachments you want to extract.
  • Next, click on the Attachment icon below the email.
  • At last, choose where you want to save the attachments.

The above section has successfully completed the manual approach to extract attachments from EML files. However, there are limitations to this method

Drawbacks of Performing it Manually:

  • Using the above method, you can only download attachments from one EML file at a time.
  • Required to install Thunderbird to do this manually.
  •  It takes a while to complete the manual method, as you can see from the detailed steps we went through earlier.

So, what’s a better option? Using a professional EML Attachment Extractor is safer and more reliable for extracting multiple attachments from EML files.

#2. Extracting Attachments From EML Files in Bulk

EML Converter is the top choice for professionals to extract attachments from EML files in bulk. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface, works with many systems, and is very safe. Moreover, this tool not only extracts attachments but also converts EML files to other formats and email clients. Plus, it has advanced features for smooth conversion. In addition, this wizard allows users to view their desired EML files in a preview panel. Now, it’s time to comprehend the steps of this utility.

Steps to Extract EML Attachments In Bulk

  • First, install and open the Batch EML Attachments Extractor Tool on your computer.
  • After that, choose whether you want to work with a single file, multiple files, or a whole folder. Then, click Next.
  • Next, add the EML files you want to extract attachments from by clicking Select File(s) and then Next.
  • In the Preview section, check the folders from which you want to extract attachments.
  • Afterwards, choose PDF as the format to save the attachments.
  • Now, opt for the save PDF attachments separately option.
  • If you need to, opt for some advanced features.
  • Subsequently, choose where you want to save the output.
  • At last, click Convert to start the extraction process.

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Wrapping Up!

Getting attachments from EML files is easy. You can do it yourself or use tools to help. When you know how to do it, you can manage and extract attachments from EML files easily. Whether you’re saving old emails or moving data around, getting attachments means you can always get to your critical files. Moreover, we have provided you with two solutions. As a result, you can effortlessly opt for any of them accordingly.

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