Simple Methods to Import PST Files to Yahoo Mail

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Both Outlook and Yahoo are widely used email platforms. Outlook is mainly a desktop application, while Yahoo operates as a cloud-based service accessible globally. The Outlook is accessible only from the device on which it is installed. But Yahoo offers access from any location with internet connectivity. Also, It manages its Outlook data along with the benefits of backup and consolidation. That’s why individuals find the need to Import PST to Yahoo Mail.

Importing PST files to Yahoo Mail ensures that users can maintain their current emails, contacts, calendars, and other data. Using Outlook over a period, transitioning to a new email address can be challenging for the user. Consequently, we recommended an ultimate solution, the PST Converter Tool, to accomplish the task. To know more, go through the complete blog:

Understanding the Need to Import PST Files to Yahoo Mail

There are several reasons why someone might want to import PST files to Yahoo Mail:

  1. Yahoo Mail is a cloud-based service accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  2. On the other hand, PST is limited to a single system. Importing PST files to Yahoo can access your Outlook data from anywhere.
  3. Moving from a desktop-based email client like Outlook to a web-based platform like Yahoo Mail offers comfort and flexibility.
  4. You can store a copy of your emails and other information in Yahoo Mail’s cloud-based infrastructure. It provides security against data loss due to system failures, hardware issues, or accidental deletion.
  5. It provides continuity to access and manage emails, contacts, and other information.
  6. Importing PST files to Yahoo Mail allows users to consolidate their email accounts. By this, user can simplify their email management process and have all their messages in one place.
  7. Yahoo Mail works frequently across various operating systems and devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. In contrast, PST files are specific to the Outlook application, which may not be available or compatible with all devices.
  8. Yahoo Mail offers features for collaboration and sharing, such as sharing folders, calendars, and documents with others. PST files are local to Outlook and do not facilitate easy collaboration and sharing among multiple users.
  9. Yahoo Mail offers a user-friendly interface with reflexive features like email management, organization, and search. Managing PST files may require technical expertise, especially when dealing with large or corrupted files.
  10. Yahoo mail can submit large files up to 100 MB. Also, you can explore Flickr & Tumblr services at no cost.

In short, choosing Yahoo Mail over PST provides users with enhanced accessibility, flexibility, collaboration, and security for their email and communication needs. Now, know the methods to import your PST file into Yahoo Mail.

How to Import PST to Yahoo Mail?

In the upcoming section, we will discuss two methods for importing PST files into Yahoo Mail. The first method involves a manual approach, while the second method utilizes a professional solution. Proceed further to know the steps for each method.

#Method 01: Import Outlook PST File to Yahoo Mail with Outlook

To perform the manual method, the individual should have technical knowledge. Also, MS Outlook should be preinstalled on your system. To accomplish the task through the manual method, you should first add your Yahoo email account and Outlook. When you successfully linked both accounts, proceed further with the following steps:

Steps to Import PST to Yahoo Mail Manually

  • First, Open MS Outlook and Import Your PST file into Outlook.
  • After that, Go to the File and tap on the Add Account option.
  • Now, authenticate with login details of Yahoo >> Choose Service.
  • Then, Pick the POP or IMAP from the service page >> Next.
  • In this window, enter the login credentials of Yahoo and Incoming Server details.
  • Incoming server (IMAP): 993 or 143.
  • Incoming server encrypted connection: SSL.
  • Now, tap on the More Setting Option.
  • Next, put the details of the Outgoing Server.
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 587 or 465.
  • Outgoing server encrypted connection: TLS or Auto.
  • When all set up is accomplished >> Next >> Finish.
  • After performing all these steps, your Yahoo Mail account is configured successfully.
  • Shut the window >> Next.
  • After the configuration of Yahoo, you can easily view it in the interface of Outlook.
  • Finally, pick the PST file to import into Yahoo Mail and drag and drop the PST File into the desired Yahoo folder.

Limitations of Manual Method

The manual method is free but too lengthy to perform. Also, this process has some limitations. Some of them are as follows:

  • It needs good technical knowledge otherwise, it leads to error.
  • You have to import the PST files one by one separately.
  • You don’t have a preference to apply any filter accordingly.
  • In case, you miss a bit of step, there is a high chance of data loss.
  • Apart from being complicated, it is also time-consuming.

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#Method 02: Import PST to Yahoo Mail without Outlook

To overcome the limitations of the manual method, we recommend the all-in-one solution PST Converter Tool. With the help of this software, you can easily import bulk PST files into Yahoo Mail without losing data. Along with that, it automatically removes the email which is already imported once in the mailbox. Also, it provides ease in handling files, and attachments are kept separately from the converted files. Apart from that, you can view the Outlook PST files before the conversion process in the preview panel. Additionally, it runs smoothly on all the primary versions of Windows OS. 

Steps to Import PST Files to Yahoo Mail

  • First, download, install, and run the PST Converter Tool.
  • After that, choose single or multiple PST files you want to import.
  • Subsequently, pick the files/folders you want to import into Yahoo Mail.
  • Then, select the Yahoo Mail as an Email client.
  • In the next window, authenticate the login process of Yahoo Mail.
  • As per requirement, you can go for the advanced feature.
  • At the end, Hit the Convert button to import PST files to Yahoo Mail.

After completing these steps, you can successfully import the PST files into Yahoo Mail in just a few clicks.

Time to Warm Up

We delivered the two best methods to Import PST to Yahoo Mail. The manual method is quite complicated for users without technical expertise. Hence, we also provide another ultimate solution to do the same. The given software is easy to use for both tech and non-tech uses. Also, it saves your time and effort. According to your preference, you can pick the solution you want.

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