Secure Methods for Transferring Thunderbird to New Computer – 2 Best Approaches

  •  Dhruv Sharma
  • Published on:  November 11th, 2022
  • Updated on:  December 7, 2022
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Summary: You definitely purchase often a new computer, and these systems require email clients if you wish to see your multiple accounts under a single page. Outlook and Thunderbird are a couple of popular and trustworthy email clients. So, in this article, we will offer you some of the best techniques for transferring Thunderbird to new computer. In addition, you’ll also learn about Thunderbird Backup Tool and its advanced features.

Today, the global economy is worth more than 96 trillion US Dollars, and the IT industry contributes 28.28% of that total. This 28.28% comprises numerous things, including offering services, creating new unicorns, buying new computers, etc. When we assume an element of purchasing a new computer, we discover that these require an email client to communicate. But sometimes, your machine may misbehave and you need to change your system.

There could exist several other conditions, that force you to switch out the machine, and load with your bulk data. But still, you change your computer and migrate your email client. The reasons listed below that may be responsible for transferring Thunderbird to new computer.

Reasons for Migrating Thunderbird to New Computer

Below is the list of the reason for migrating the Thunderbird account.

  • You might shift from Windows to Mac OS.
  • Your system may be outdated and not in a condition for further use.
  • Your system is bulk with overloaded data.
  • The machine does not support devices and fails to provide services.
  • Some of you want to remain intact with the updated frequency.

These are a few factors that users seek for transferring Thunderbird data to new computer. In the following part, we will learn some techniques that could help you in this transfer task.

But make sure to preserve a backup of your precious data before you approach a manual method. Because your one wrong enactment of a single step may lead you toward data loss.

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Method to Move Thunderbird from One Computer to Another

Thunderbird saves your data locally, away from the program files, known as Profile Folder. If you wish to move your Thunderbird data, you can copy your Mozilla profile folder to your desired location. If you want to move with this method, you can perform your transfer task in two stages.

Note: Don’t forget to take a backup of your data. Then perform the stages.

Stage 1: Create a Backup of the Thunderbird Data Locally.
Stage 2: Transferring Thunderbird Profile to New Computer.

Here are the steps for the execution of these stages.

Stage 1: Create a Backup of the Thunderbird Data Locally

  • Open Thunderbird Application in your current system.
  • Navigate to the Help Section > More Troubleshooting Information.transferring thunderbird to new computer
  • In the next Troubleshooting Information page, select the Profile Folder option (under Application Basics), and hit the Open Folder button.
  • After that, it will open the location of your Profile Folder. Select the Roaming folder.transferring thunderbird to new computer
  • On this page, select the Thunderbird option, and copy it locally.transferring thunderbird to new computer
  • At last, paste this Thunderbird Profile to your selected hard drive.

Note: Before you copy your Thunderbird Profile, close the Thunderbird application.

Stage 2: Transferring Thunderbird to New Computer

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird with the same account in the new system.
  • Head to the Help Section > More Troubleshooting Information.
  • Again, Click on the Open Folder button. Choose the Roaming folder.
  • Finally, paste the Thunderbird profile from where you last saved it.

These are some stages that help you to migrate your existing Thunderbird Profile from one computer to another.

But this technique requires technical know-how and is a bit longer to execute. In addition, you also need to be technical expertise before transfer Thunderbird Mail to new computer. We strongly suggest you take a backup of your data before you opt for this approach. If you want to ease your task and seek a secure migration. Then opt for the automated Thunderbird Backup Tool.

Transferring Thunderbird to New Computer With Smart Technique

The Mozilla Thunderbird Backup Tool is one of the perfect utilities that export your Thunderbird emails and items into more than 21+ file formats. While using this utility, you can easily migrate your Mozilla Thunderbird to multiple email clients. Despite this, you can benefit from other advanced features of the utility. The details of these advanced features are listed below.

Advanced Features of the Thunderbird Backup Tool

  • Helps you safely and securely transfer Thunderbird to New Computer/Hard drive/Local Destination.
  • Save your emails and items present in it within two date spans.
  • You can preview the mailbox and items present in it before migration.
  • Move Thunderbird emails into the most accustomed file formats like PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, CSV, TIFF, HTML, etc.
  • It allows you to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, IMAP, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, and Zoho mail.
  • After migration, your resultant Thunderbird emails will remain in the hierarchy as your source file.


In this article, we discussed some authentic and smart approaches for transferring Thunderbird to new computer. However, you can also use a manual method despite this demand for highly skilled technical expertise. On the contrary, an automated Thunderbird Backup Tool comes with many advanced features that can migrate your items without losing the data.

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