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In today’s world, many users at home or work need to convert MSG to MBOX files for different reasons. One prime reason is that MBOX files work with various email programs, like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and Eudora. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook only supports MSG files. 

This blog will show you the best ways to change MSG files into MBOX files, either by using the MSG Converter or manual methods. But before we get into the steps, let’s understand a piece of detailed information regarding the MSG and MBOX files and go through the difference between them. 

Understanding MSG and MBOX File Formats

Let’s understand what MSG and MBOX files are before we learn how to turn one into the other:

MSG: It is a file made by Microsoft Outlook to save just one email. It holds everything about that email, like attachments and the parts that show who sent it and when. People usually get these files when they save or send emails using Outlook.

MBOX: Unlike MSG, MBOX is used by different email programs to save multiple emails all together in one file. Each email is kept in order, like pages in a book, and they have a unique mark between them. MBOX is the best choice for saving many emails at once, like downloading a whole mailbox full of messages.

Differences Between MSG And MBOX Formats 

Compatibility These files are made by Microsoft, mostly for Outlook emails.MBOX is used by different email programs, not just one.
Feature They keep just one email at a time, holding everything in that email, like pictures, information about who sent it, and how it looks. They gather a number of emails together in a single file, like putting many chapters in one book.
FormatWhen you save or send emails using Outlook, these files are what you get. Each email stays in order, with a unique mark between them.
Storing Data They can have different things inside, like words, pictures, and other stuff that’s part of the email.It’s the best for saving a whole bunch of emails all at once, like when you want to keep an entire mailbox safe.
Working Usually, each MSG file is for only one email message. MBOX makes it easy because it puts several emails into just one file.

Here is the detailed difference between both formats. Now, we will discuss how to convert MSG to MBOX. 

How to Convert MSG to MBOX?

Here, we have two solutions to turn your MSG files into MBOX format. First, we will use the manual approach. After that, we will elaborate on the automated technique. 

#1. Export MSG Files to MBOX Manually 

  • First, Open the MSG file in your Outlook application.
  • After that, go to the “File” menu and choose “Save As.”
  • Then, select the option to save the MSG message as an EML file onto your computer.
  • Further, do the same process (Steps 1, 2, and 3) for each MSG file you want to change into EML format.
  • In Thunderbird, install the “ImportExportTools NGadd-on > create/import a local folder, then use the add-on to import EML files > ‘Import Messages‘ > ‘EML Files‘ > ‘Open.’
  • Then,  opt for the ImportExportTools > Export Folder option to export your Thunderbird data. 
  • At last, Select “Export” and change these EML files into MBOX format.  

Here is the manual solution to convert MSG to MBOX files for free. Moreover, it does not require any investment to utilize this procedure. But it requires technical expertise, and make sure to install the Outlook and Thunderbird applications on your screen. Now, we will go through the automated approach. 

#2. Automated Technique to Convert MSG Files to MBOX  

Why go through complicated steps when you have the MSG Converter? It’s the best choice for converting MSG files to MBOX format without losing crucial data. In fact, users can accomplish the bulk conversion in no time. Moreover, there are no limits on file size or quantity, plus it keeps your data safe during conversion. In addition, it works on all Windows versions, and for Mac, just Convert MSG to MBOX for free download and try now.

Steps to convert MSG to MBOX:

  • First, Open the MSG to MBOX Converter on your local screen.
  • After that, choose ‘Select files‘ or ‘Select folders‘ as needed.
  • Then, add your MSG file(s) from the file explorer by clicking ‘Next.’
  • Further, pick the folders you want from the preview. Then, click ‘Next‘.
  • In the ‘Save/Backup/Migrate As‘ menu, choose ‘MBOX.’
  • At last, adjust any other settings you need, then click ‘Convert.’

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Winding Up! 

Changing MSG to MBOX makes managing emails easier and helps them work well on different platforms. Additionally, picking the right way to switch these files is necessary to keep your emails safe and easy to use. Whether you choose manual ways or special tools, converting MSG to MBOX helps organize emails better and makes managing them simpler. Be careful, do things the right way to convert MSG to MBOX, and always save a copy of your emails to make sure everything goes smoothly and stays safe during the conversion.

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