How to Open MSG Files on Mac Without Outlook?

  •  Pradeep Kumar
  • Published on:  December 21st, 2023
  • Updated on:  June 5, 2024
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Mac computers have gotten much better at working with Windows stuff over time. Usually, you can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files made on a Windows computer with no problem on a Mac, and the other way around. But, there’s one thing that still doesn’t work well, Outlook’s MSG Files. These files can’t be opened on a Mac without Outlook. This blog will help you to open MSG files on Mac using the MSG Converter.

MSG files hold emails and other stuff made by Microsoft Outlook. They’re helpful for Outlook users who want to save or send emails outside of Outlook. But here’s the catch: If you use a Mac from Apple, it takes a lot of work to open these MSG files, even if you have Outlook on your Mac. 

Understanding MSG Files

MSG files are like organized folders that keep everything about an email together. Moreover, these files hold the email text, who sent it, who got it, the title, and any extra files that came with it. They keep everything from an email in one place. In short, MSG files keep emails exactly as they were kept. So, when you open an MSG file with a program like Microsoft Outlook, the email looks just like how it was written originally. It keeps the layout, the way it’s organized, and all the attached files.

It’s necessary to know about MSG files, especially if you need to deal with emails on different computers or apps. Even though these files are made for Microsoft Outlook, finding ways for them to work on any computer or email program helps people handle their emails smoothly, no matter what they’re using.

How to Open .msg Files On Your Mac?

The following section will discuss various ways to open .msg Files on Mac. You just need to stay focused to get your solution. 

#1. Change the File Extension to TXT

Changing file extensions can also allow you to open or view .msg files easily on Mac

  • First, find the .msg file on your Mac using Finder.
  • After that, click the file using the right mouse button or hold the Control key while clicking on it.
  • Then, choose ‘Open With‘ and pick ‘Text Edit.’
  • If you don’t see Text Edit in the options, choose the ‘Other‘ button. 
  • Lastly, a window will pop up. Select ‘All Applications‘ from the list, then pick ‘Text Edit,’ and click ‘Open.’

#2. Open Using Mozilla SeaMonkey 

SeaMonkey is a collection of internet tools put together in one program. Mozilla and Netscape made this. Now, it’s managed and given out by volunteers working on the SeaMonkey Project. You can use it to open MSG Files on Mac.

  • First, download SeaMonkey from the SeaMonkey Project website.
  • After it’s downloaded, double-click to make it work.
  • Click on ‘Window‘ and then ‘Mail & Newsgroups.’
  • If it asks you to make an account, click ‘Cancel‘ and then ‘Exit.
  • Next, choose ‘File‘ and then ‘Open File‘.
  • Find the msg file and open it.

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#3. Install an MSG converter

To view MSG files on a Mac without facing challenges, you can use an efficient tool, Mac MSG Converter. This MSG Viewer for Outlook Mac tool is helpful because it allows you to open MSG files without needing Outlook. In fact, this wizard shows you the hierarchy of email folders. In other words, your folders or files remain the order as they were before. Moreover, you can simply open .msg files along with their attachments. Now, we will discuss the workings of this wizard to clear all your doubts. 

  • First, download and install the MSG Viewer for Mac. Then, open the application.
  • Click the ‘Browse‘ button and pick the MSG file to view. Click ‘Open‘ to add it. You can also add multiple MSG files at once if you have one.
  • Next on the preview panel, you can see the items in the file. Choose the ones you want to view.

The above free MSG File viewer is also competent to view .msg files and it can also convert MSG Files into PST and other multiple formats accordingly. If you want to convert in other formats just need to choose the format that you want to export or migrate on the next window and then process further. 

Final Words

Opening MSG files on a Mac can be difficult for Microsoft Outlook, not Macs. Attempting to open them using basic programs, such as Text Edit, may allow you to view some parts of the email, but it will not display the entire structure or any attached files correctly. Also, these ways might need some tech skills and might not work well with the advanced features of MSG files. So, you can directly opt for the reliable approach to open MSG files on Mac, where there is no requirement to install the Outlook application. 

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