Best Method to Convert OST File to DOC (Word Document Files)

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Do you have OST files that you want to convert into DOC format? You must be looking for a solution how to convert OST to DOC. If yes, then you are not alone in this market, seeking an ideal solution to solve the conversion process quickly and easily. However, converting into DOC will help you view and edit your email data without any difficulty. Here, we will dive into the best method.

In this article, we will learn about the DOC and OST file formats and then look into a step-by-step process to get the DOC file from an OST file. At the end of this blog, you will be able to perform the necessary steps needed to convert OST files into DOC format.

Overview of DOC File And OST File

A DOC is a popular word-processing document brought to light by Microsoft Word. This DOC file uses the .doc/.docx extension to save the Word file. It can contain text, images, objects, and other documents. Users widely use this file format to create letters, resumes, blogs, and reports. One of the main reasons to use this file format is to share and edit it using word processing software.

An OST is a data file that Microsoft Outlook uses as a proprietary. It is automatically created when a user uses Outlook to sync with a PST file. OST files contain a local copy of email data saved in the exchange server. Later on, it can be used as offline access to all the data present in the mailbox like emails, tasks, calendar events, and contacts.

Reasons to Convert OST File into DOC Format

  • Data Backup: Convert OST to Word Document Files provides an additional backup of the user’s important email data, in case of data corruption or loss.
  • Collaboration and sharing: Doc files are easy to share with other users who might not have MS Outlook.
  • Readability and Compatibility: Doc files can be opened on any device with an operating system whether it is Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Flexibility: It can be converted into many other file formats like PDF, CSV, HTML, and many more.

Easy Method to Convert OST to DOC Format

Converting an OST file into DOC can be a daunting process, but using an OST to PST Converter Tool will ease the conversion process. It allows a user to perform bulk conversion of emails and supports many other file formats. It has a user-friendly GUI, making it easier to operate by any person, whether he has technical knowledge or not. You will experience a hassle-free conversion process while converting either single/multiple files. It saves the original format/structure of the data, which makes it an ideal solution for those users who want to maintain their data integrity.

Steps to Convert OST to DOC Format

  • First, download and run the OST to PST Converter on the user’s device.
  • Then, select the Single/Multiple Files or Folders option to add an OST file.
  • Next, choose the OST file to add it.
  • After that, you can see the file/folders under the preview panel.
  • Now, choose the DOC from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, set a name and destination path to save Outlook OST to Word.
  • At the last, click the Convert button.

In the upper section, we have shown you how to perform using the converter tool. Now we will discuss some features of the tool to know about it.

Features of OST to PST Converter Tool

This tool has many features that will make you amazed after reading. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Selective Conversion: This tool provides an option to select whether you want to convert single/multiple files.
  • Data Integrity: At the time of conversion, it maintains the structure of emails and folders.
  • Search Function: From the pool of emails, you find the desired files or folders using the search function.
  • Preview: The tool has an in-built function that lets the user preview their data before converting it.

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In our final words, converting an OST file to DOC is difficult because there are no other options to perform the conversion process. In the upper sections, we have described a professional method to convert OST to DOC by using the OST to PST converter tool, which is specially designed for this purpose. An overview of DOC and OST to know what these file formats are. This conversion is important for backing up data, sharing, and flexibility to convert into other file formats.

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