Effective Ways to Migrate Office 365 Email to Gmail in 2023

  •  Manoj Sharma
  • Published on:  August 1st, 2022
  • Updated on:  April 6, 2023
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Nowadays, Google has become the most reliable and recommended email migration service. It has been working hard to make Gmail a great platform for all users. You may want to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail because both email services may have some very common features, such as sharing calendars, using the same email client, etc. It surely is a great deal to transfer emails from Office 365 to Gmail. So, stay tuned with this post to know everything in detail.

Important Note: To directly migrate emails from Office 365 to Gmail, we recommend you to opt for the Office 365 migration Tool that permits users to migrate office 365 mailbox items to different file formats and email clients respectively.

While Office 365 is a cloud-based application that can be used for email, calendar, and other productivity tools. If you are migrating from Office 365 to Gmail, you will need to know the entire process to import Office 365 email to your Gmail account. Also, if you are not familiar with Office 365, you might be wondering what the best practice is to add Office 365 email to Gmail 2022. In this blog, we will discuss several best practices to migrate from Outlook 365 to Gmail.

How to Migrate Emails from Office 365 to Gmail?

There are two methods you can use to open all Office 365 emails in Gmail. The first method is manual and requires some technical knowledge, while the second method is automated and easy to use. Be sure to explore both methods carefully.

Method 1: Import Office 365 Email to Gmail Manually

You have to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail using the manual solution in this method. So, to execute this process, you need to follow the steps below in a proper sequence.

  • Firstly, sign in to your Gmail account on your system or PC.
  • Navigate to the Gear icon and click on See All Settings option.migrate office 365 email to gmail
  • In the accounts and import tab, click on the Import Mail and Contacts option.
  • Now, type your Office 365 email address and hit the Continue button.migrate office 365 email to gmail
  • Enter the POP Information for the Office 365 account and click on the Continue button.
  • Choose the Import Mail option and click on the Start Import option.
  • At last, click on the proceed button and then your Office 365 emails will start importing to Gmail. Click Ok.

Drawbacks to Migrate Office 365 to Gmail Manually

  • Users require technical knowledge to execute the process.
  • Some minor issues can lose all your data.
  • The process consumes more time and effort of the users.
  • During the conversion process, any interruption will lead to data loss.

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Method 2: Direct Approach to Migrate Office 365 Email to Gmail

Office 365 Migration Tool is an effective and reliable solution for Office 365 to Gmail migration. It will help you to migrate Office 365 mailbox items, including all the email attachments. The software also backs up your Office 365 mailbox items into PST, PDF, CSV, MBOX, HTML, JSON, etc. Also, using this software users can transfer emails from Office 365 to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, IMAP, Zoho Mail, and many more email services. Furthermore, using this provides a smooth working experience to its users.

Step-By-Step Process of Email Migration from Office 365 to Gmail

To migrate Office 365 email to Gmail, you need to follow the precise steps given below:

  1. Download and start Office 365 Migration Tool as administrator.
  2. Click on the backup option to take the backup of the Office 365 account.
  3. Enter the Office 365 credentials and press the Sign in button.
  4. Now, mark the Files or Folders from the tree structure and tap on the Next button.
  5. Choose the Gmail option from the drop-down list.
  6. Then, fill in the required Gmail credentials and hit the Sign in button.
  7. Mark the Optional features as per your choice.
  8. Finally, press the Convert button to add Office 365 email to Gmail.

Some Prominent Features of Office 365 Migration Tool

  • This utility can save or backup Office 365 mailbox to PST, PDF, CSV, MBOX, DOC, MSG, and many other file formats.
  • It helps to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, AOL, Zoho Mail, and many more cloud-based email services.
  • Offers to perform bulk conversion of the Office 365 mailbox items.
  • Facilitates you to migrate mailboxes, archives, or public folders.


Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated solution for businesses to save time, money and to protect their sensitive data. To make sure you are taking full advantage of all the features it is important to know how to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us. Thank you for reading, we hope that you found this post useful!

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