How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace With No Hassle?

  •  Dhruv Sharma
  • Published on:  June 9th, 2023
  • Updated on:  August 23, 2023
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User Query – “One year ago, I used to work in a Zoho-based email client organization. But I have changed that organization due to some reasons. Nowadays, I am working in a Gmail/G Suite-based company. I have been facing various challenges with both email applications simultaneously for some time. As a result, I want to migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace due to its numerous features. “

From the above user query, it is clear that this guide will discuss the Zoho to G Suite migration process. In addition, we will also learn some benefits of Google Workspace over Zoho Mail. Moreover, this blog will highlight a core solution to migrate Zoho Mails to Google Workspace. You just need to read the whole blog to clear all your doubts.

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Why are Users Want to Switch from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace?

We have several reasons to migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace. You just need to go through them.

  • Zoho Mail has a complex subscription and integration service.
  • It offers help videos and the documentation process to its users, which are technical.
  • Call scheduling in Zoho Mail is bulky.
  • It provides less support as compared to other email clients.
  • Zoho mail can not open on the mobile device.
  • This application doesn’t have an advanced tool for filling out the form.
  • Sales tools need for the automation process.
  • It lacks calendar views and accounting features.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t have a chatbot.

Here are some reasons to migrate Zoho mail to G Suite. Now, we will proceed toward the migration process.

Instantly Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace using Best Software

If you want to perform the manual Zoho Mail to G Suite migration process, you have to go through various stages. As a result, the manual procedure is indirect. Moreover, if you want to accomplish the conversion process, go with the prominent solution. It will help users to implement the solution efficiently.

Zoho Mail Migration Tool is the finest and most versatile solution. It helps users to transfer entire Zoho mails to Google Workspace hassle-freely. Moreover, this wizard aids in performing the batch conversion of Zoho Mails to G Suite. In addition, this utility is competent enough to delete similar emails before the conversion process. Now, we would like to discuss the working of the software for having a better understanding.

Steps to Migrate From Zoho to G Suite:

  • First, run Webmail Backup Wizard as an administrator on your local system.
  • Afterward, mention the ID, Password, Port number, and Host name of Zoho mail.
  • Moving ahead, you can preview targeted email accounts in a preview panel. Then, choose files to proceed further.
  • Next, choose the G Suite (Admin only) option from the drop-down list and authenticate the login process.
  • In the end, click the Convert button to begin the migration process.

Here is the reliable and efficient solution to migrate email from Zoho to G Suite. Now, we will learn some advanced features of Zoho Mail to Google Workspace Migrator.

Exclusive Features of Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration Tool:

  • This utility provides users to delete migrated Zoho emails to have extra space after the migration process.
  • Although you can also decide on a name and choose the location of saving the newly created folder or file.
  • In addition, users will choose to opt for the date filter feature for performing the chosen emails between a specific date.
  • With the help of this software, you can download emails and attachments in different folders.

Time to Wrap Up!

In this technical blog, we mentioned various topics. We discussed some possible reasons for the migration process. Moreover, we learned a direct way to migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace. As a result, there is no manual method to perform. This software even helps you to migrate from Zoho Mail to Gmail account.

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