How to Convert EML to PDF With Attachments?

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Are you looking for a solution to convert EML to PDF? If yes, you have reached the right place. Here, we will elaborate on various concepts, such as a brief introduction, reasons, etc. Moreover, we will discuss the top-notch approach, EML Converter, for the EML to PDF conversion process in bulk. However, this software allows users to perform the bulk conversion without data loss. Before proceeding further, we will discuss both concepts in detail.

Understanding EML and PDF Files

EML Files: EML files are the digital envelopes for emails. They hold all the important stuff like who sent the email, who it’s for, the subject, when it was sent, and of course, the message itself along with any files attached to it. Email programs like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird use EML files to keep each email separate. These files are simple to share and can be opened by different email programs, which makes them a popular choice for sending and receiving emails.

PDF Files: PDF is the best format because everyone can use it everywhere they need documents. With PDFs, you can keep your stuff safe from people who shouldn’t see it by adding a password, so only the right person can look at it. PDFs are awesome because you can move them from one gadget to another. Moreover, you can save them on things like USB sticks, hard drives, and other storage stuff.

Reasons to Change EML File to PDF

Here are a few reasons to convert EML to PDF format. Check out the advantages of PDFs over EMLs listed below.

  • PDFs are small and easy to carry around.
  • You can lock PDFs with a password to keep them safe.
  • PDFs work on any device. As a result, you can see your stuff everywhere.
  • PDFs are tough and don’t get messed up easily.

These are some of the prominent reasons to move from EML to PDF. 

How to Convert EML to PDF?

Now, let’s talk about how to make the switch. First, we’ll look at the manual ways to change them. Follow the steps below to do it yourself.

#1. Convert EML Into PDF Using Mozilla Thunderbird

  • First, open Thunderbird on your computer and right-click the folder where you want to put the EML files.
  • After that, choose “ImportExportTools NG” and then click “Import Messages” to open the file explorer.
  • Then, find the EML files you want and click “Open” to add them to Thunderbird.
  • Next, right-click the emails, choose “Print,” and then pick “Microsoft Print to PDF.”
  • At last, click “Print,” choose where to save the PDF, and click “Save.”

#2. Export EML Format to PDF With the Help of MS Outlook

  • Foremost, find the EML file you want to change on your computer.
  • Then, right-click the file, choose “Open With,” and pick “Outlook.”
  • Afterwards, click “File” at the top, then choose “Print.”
  • In the “Printer” section, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” and click “Print.”
  • In the end, name your file, choose where to save it, and click “Save.”

With this method, you can only change a few EML files to PDF at once. But there are some problems with doing it this way:

The downsides of Accomplishing it Manually 

  • You can’t save attachments on their own.
  • Your data might change by mistake during the conversion.
  • You might end up with the same emails over and over.
  • The order of your folders might get mixed up.

To avoid any potential issues, experts recommend using a reliable solution to batch convert EML to PDF while ensuring 100% data security.

#3. Convert EML Files to PDF in Bulk Using Efficient Conversion Tool

The EML Converter is a useful and comprehensive tool for changing EML files into PDFs along with attachments. It can convert lots of files without messing anything up. It’s made to be simple, so anyone can use it, even if you’re not a tech user. Plus, it keeps everything in order and doesn’t mess up your folders. Now, let’s go through the steps of how it works to clear up any questions you might have

Steps to Convert EML to PDF With Attachments:

  • First, download and open the EML to PDF Converter tool on your computer.
  • After that, choose either “Select Files” or “Select Folder” and pick the EML files you want to change to PDF.
  • Then, the tool will show you a preview of the files you selected; click “Next.”
  • Here, choose “PDF” as the format you want the files to save in.
  • Next, choose a place to save the new PDF files and click “Convert.”
  • If you want a report about the conversion process, click “Download Report” to get it in PDF format.

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Changing EML files to PDF has multiple advantages about it. PDFs work on almost any device, keep your email looking nice, are safe, and easy to share. You can convert EML to PDF with your email program or special software, and it makes managing emails and saving them easier. Try using PDFs for better storage and sharing of your essential emails.

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