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The upcoming article will show you the easiest way to change EML files into Outlook MSG files. We’ll talk about two ways to do this: one by using a comprehensive software called the EML Converter and the other by doing it manually. We’ll also explain step-by-step how the tool works to make converting EML to MSG simple. You just need to stay tuned and understand each concept of how we convert EML to MSG. 

Understanding EML and MSG Files

EML File: EML stands for electronic mail, which is just another way of saying email. It’s a file that holds an email message, saved in a format that email programs can understand. Microsoft Outlook Express and a few other email apps use this format.

MSG File: MSG files are used to store individual things like emails, appointments, contacts, or tasks in one file. In addition to that, they keep all the details of that thing, like any attachments it has.

Needs to Convert .eml File to .msg File

Converting EML to MSG is important for a few simple reasons:

  • Works Better with Outlook: MSG files are like a native language for Microsoft Outlook. So, if you use Outlook a lot, converting EML files to MSG helps you open and handle those emails smoothly in Outlook.
  • Switching to Outlook: If you move from email apps that use EML to Outlook, converting EML to MSG ensures your emails stay intact and you can keep using Outlook without hiccups.
  • Easy Organization: MSG files are good for keeping things tidy in Outlook. They help you sort, label, and find emails easily. As a result, it makes it simpler to manage your inbox, calendar, and tasks. That’s why users want to convert EML to MSG. 
  • Keeps Everything in One Place: When you convert to MSG, all the stuff in your emails like attachments, details, and how they look stays exactly as it should. However, it keeps your email data neat and usable.

Overall, converting EML to MSG makes handling emails smoother, fits well with Outlook, and makes it easy to switch between email systems without headaches. Now, we will discuss several ways to perform the conversion process. 

2 Ways to Convert EML to MSG Files

If you want to convert your EML files to MSG, you can do it in two ways: manually or with a professional tool. Many users want to make this conversion but don’t know where to start. That’s why we’re presenting two powerful methods to help you out. The manual method involves using Outlook to convert EML files to MSG. Alternatively, we’ll introduce an efficient technique for converting EML files to MSG.

#1. Convert EML to MSG File Manually

We’ll walk you through how to convert EML to MSG using Outlook. Keep in mind, though, that this method can be time-consuming and tricky if you’re not familiar with technical steps. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • First, drag and drop your EML files into Outlook.
  • Afterwards, Outlook will save these files in the draft folder.
  • Then, right-click on the EML file in the draft folder and select “Move to Inbox.”
  • Next, open the “File” menu and choose “Save” to save the EML file as MSG.
  • Further, select where you want to save the MSG file.
  • The file will be saved with a “.msg” extension. Click “Next.”
  • Subsequently, double-check the file format by looking at its location.

If you are not comfortable with these technical steps or have many EML files to convert, we recommend using an alternative method.

#2. Efficient Solution to Turn EML Files to MSG With EML Converter Tool

The EML File Converter is the top choice for converting EML files to MSG format. It’s efficient and ensures no data loss during migration. Plus, it comes with advanced features for precise data migration. Besides converting EML to MSG, this tool also lets you import EML to Outlook, Office 365, and more. Moreover, this software maintains data integrity and allows users to view their files in a preview panel. Now, we will move further to understand the workings of this wizard.

Steps to Perform the EML to MSG Conversion

  • First, open the EML Converter tool on your local screen.
  • After that, choose either Single File/Multiple Files or Select Folder option and click Next.
  • Then, add your EML files from your computer, and click Next.
  • In the preview window, select all the items you need and click Next.
  • Next, choose MSG as the format you want to convert your files into from the list.
  • If you want, you can apply filters for migration and then click Convert.

Concluding Words

Converting EML to MSG is simple and brings advantages like better compatibility and organization in Outlook. Whether you use Outlook directly or other tools, this conversion ensures your email files work smoothly in Outlook. Moreover, this guide offers you two solutions to convert EML to MSG. You can opt for any of them where you feel more comfortable.

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