How to Easily Convert MSG Files to PDF With Attachments?

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Sometimes, users find it challenging to open MSG files and view attachments that are linked with MSG files on their computers or laptops using MS Outlook. As we know Outlook can help you to view MSG files, but you can only view their email contents in Outlook. If you want to view attached files on your computer, it is complex. As a result, it is vital to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. So that, you can easily access all the info. We’ve explained some simple ways to turn MSG files, including attachments, into PDFs using the MSG to PDF Converter Tool.  PDFs are easy to carry and view—they work on any computer or web browser.

The following blog will discuss the best ways to accomplish the effortlessly MSG to PDF conversion. Before moving further, we will discuss some common reasons for conversion.

Why Do Need to Convert MSG to PDF?

Turning MSG files into PDFs has some reasons behind it:

  1. Sharing emails: PDFs are handy for sending emails to anyone, even if they don’t have Outlook. Everything stays just as it is—formatting, pictures, and attachments—without losing anything.
  2. Archiving stuff: If you want to keep an email safe for the future, turning it into a PDF keeps it the same forever. Even if you switch computers or email apps, you can access them. 
  3. Staying safe: You can protect your emails by putting passwords and electronic signatures on the PDFs. 
  4. Following rules: Sometimes, rules and policies say you must hold onto emails. Converting them to PDF helps you follow these rules, and you can view the emails without needing Outlook or any other email program.
  5. Legal things: When you need to show emails as proof in a legal situation, PDFs make a version that can’t be changed. It’s a solid, uneditable copy that meets legal standards.

Here, you have seen the possible reasons that every user is trying to convert MSG to PDF free. Now, we will discuss the various ways of conversion. 

How to Convert MSG to PDF With Attachments?

The upcoming section will elaborate on three approaches. The first two techniques will be performed manually. Afterwards, we will use a direct solution that helps you to batch convert MSG files to PDF. 

#1. Convert MSGs to PDFs using Outlook

  • First, choose an MSG file or open an email in Microsoft Outlook.
  • After that, click on the ‘File‘ menu in Outlook.
  • Further, pick ‘Save As.’
  • Then, save the file as .html in the place you want.
  • Find that .html file, right-click it, and open it using MS Word.
  • In MS Word, go to the ‘File‘ menu again.
  • Choose ‘Save As.’
  • Now, pick .pdf format to save it as a PDF file.
  • That’s it! Your Outlook messages are now saved as PDFs. 

The above solution will help you to convert MSG to PDF. Moreover, you can also opt for another one. 

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#2. Convert MSG to PDF using Microsoft Print

  • First, right-click the MSG file, choose ‘Open with‘ and then select ‘Outlook.’
  • Your file will open in Outlook.
  • After that, click on ‘File‘ and then select ‘Print.’
  • Choose ‘Print Options.’
  • Select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF‘ and click ‘Print.’
  • Pick where you want to save it and give it a name. Then, click ‘Save.’
  • Finally, your Outlook messages are now PDF files.

Here, we have mentioned both manual solutions. But the prime point is that both have some limitations. 

Why Avoid Doing It Using Manual Solution

Doing this manual solution is good if you have a few MSG files to convert. But when you want to convert Multiple MSG files to PDF altogether, this approach won’t work well. It takes a long time and can’t handle batch conversions efficiently. Also, it only converts the email content and doesn’t include attachments, formats, or metadata. Don’t worry, though—there’s a solution to overcome these limitations. 

#3. Quick Batch Convert MSG to PDF With Attachments Using MSG Converter

Converting lots of MSG files to PDF at once can be challenging in manual ways. But there’s an exclusive solution: MSG to PDF Converter Tool. This MSG to PDF converter tool makes it easy to convert many MSG files into PDFs including attachments. Additionally, it’s a great tool for converting MSG files to multiple file formats and email programs. Plus, it uses advanced technology to do the conversion super quickly and without losing any data. You can try the free demo version to see how it works.

Here are the easy steps to change MSG files into PDFs:

  • First, download, install, and run the MSG to PDF Converter Tool on your local screen.
  • After that, click ‘Browse‘ to choose the MSG files from your computer.
  • Then, pick and Preview the details of the MSG files, then click ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘PDF‘ as the format you want from the list.
  • Check the software’s built-in features based on what you need.
  • Click ‘Convert‘ to start turning the MSG files into PDFs.
  • If needed, you can save a report of the process.

That’s it! It’s a simple way to convert your MSG files to PDFs using this tool.

Final Words

With the help of a few easy steps, you can easily convert MSG to PDF with attachments. As a result, it makes sure that all the information stays correct and easy to get to. Whether you’re sharing, keeping things safe, following rules, or dealing with legal stuff, this tool makes converting really simple and dependable.

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