Best Way to Export AWS WorkMail to PST Format

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User Query – “I have been using an Amazon (AWS) WorkMail email client for the last few years. But now, my demand is to export Amazon WorkMail mailboxes to Outlook PST because of having advanced and inclusive features. Please suggest me a suitable way to export AWS WorkMail to PST format. In addition, I want a reliable solution because my data contains sensitive and crucial information without facing any barriers.”

As you can see in the above query, users have a high demand for the AWS WorkMail to Outlook migration process. This technical blog will discuss a reliable solution to convert Amazon WorkMail mailbox items to Outlook PST file formats. In addition, we will mention common reasons to convert AWS email to PST. This guide just requires your complete attention to understand each stage.

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Reasons to Export Amazon WorkMail to PST

There are various reasons for saving AWS emails to Outlook PST files. Just go through the possible causes.

  • Hackers are trying to get into a user’s account.
  • Virus attacks are spreading inaccessibility in a mailbox section.
  • Users can easily access their AWS emails in Outlook if they have imported them.
  • You should opt for the Outlook email client for effortlessly sharing emails and collaboration.
  • You should import AWS emails to Outlook for backing up and archiving purposes.
  • Outlook offers more data security and privacy to its users.

Here, we mentioned possible reasons for moving AWS emails to Outlook PST file formats. Now, we will discuss an efficient procedure to export Amazon WorkMail to PST.

Export AWS WorkMail to PST Using A Professional Solution

Every user wants a reliable solution where they can easily accomplish the conversion process without bearing data loss. In addition, there is a manual method, but sometimes, this procedure doesn’t complete the technique due to bad connectivity. Moreover, there is a high chance of losing necessary data during the conversion process. Additionally, not every user can easily understand each step because they don’t have a technical background. If you don’t want to face any such error, opt for the efficient procedure.

The AWS WorkMail Migration Tool is a top-notch and foremost utility that helps users to export Amazon WorkMail to PST efficiently. There is a user-friendly and self-intuitive Graphical User Interface. In other words, beginners can effortlessly understand the working of the software and don’t need to have technical expertise. In addition, users can easily set a desired path where they want to save their resultant location. Now, we will discuss the steps of the wizard which will definitely clear all your doubts.

Steps to Export Amazon WorkMail Mailboxes to Outlook PST

  • Download and Launch the AWS WorkMail Migration Tool on your local screen.
  • After that, mention the ID and password of your Amazon WorkMail account.
  • Then, mark the emails you want to save into PST format.
  • Now, select PST as a saving format from the drop-down list.
  • Set a location by clicking the Path to Save button where you want to save your resultant file.
  • In the end, click the Convert button.

It will export AWS WorkMail to PST files in a few steps. Moreover, the above solution doesn’t consume lots of time. This utility has some inclusive features which you must know.

Salient Features:

  • There is an option to delete duplicate emails before the conversion process from AWS email to PST.
  • This wizard offers users to download attachments and emails separately.
  • There is a preview feature where users can easily preview their desired emails in a preview panel.
  • In addition, you can effortlessly split your newly created PST files.
  • There is a task and mail filter feature where users can easily back up emails with the help of particular dates.

End Words

Now, we have reached the final part of this blog. In this technical guide, we mentioned some possible reasons for converting Amazon WorkMail to PST files. After that, we discussed an efficient solution to export AWS WorkMail to PST file format. We hope that you got your answer for the exporting process.

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