Proven Guide to Migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail Account

  •  Dhruv Sharma
  • Published on:  April 18th, 2023
  • Updated on:  April 26, 2023
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Summary: Are you also looking to migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail account? If yes, then you have appeared on the right page. In this technical guide, we will learn to execute this migration process using the professional AWS WorkMail Migration Tool and other manual solutions.

AWS is a choice of millions of business users but due to its limited storage capacity and security issues, people are migrating toward a familiar and highly secured Google Mail platform. Here, we will learn about some secure solutions to execute the conversion process. Before that, let us look at the prominent reasons leading this conversion process.

Why Gmail is Foremost Choice to Save AWS Mailbox?

These are the most common reasons to migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail account.

  • Gmail has a versatile and large number of specialists that can assist their customers in case of any issue. Whereas, AWS has no human resources to guide its customers.
  • With Amazon WorkMail, you don’t have more options for customization, while in Gmail you have several options for customization.
  • Gmail is a free email service. On the other hand, AWS is a paid service.
  • Google Mail comes with advanced security features, whereas AWS is still struggling with security issues.

These are a few reasons to migrate email from Amazon Workmail to Gmail. Now, in the upcoming section, let us learn some solutions to execute this migration process.

Migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail Account – Professional Solution

AWS WorkMail Migration Tool is a sophisticated tool that can perform AWS to Gmail in just a few steps. Additionally, you also have the option to migrate your Amazon WorkMail mailbox to other email clients. Furthermore, you also have the choice to convert AWS emails and attachments to other file formats in just a few minutes. Let’s detail the steps involved in this migration.

Steps for AWS Workmail to Gmail Migration

  • Download the Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool.
  • Enter your AWS credentials to log in.
  • A tree structure of WorkMail mailbox items will visible in the following wizard.
  • Select the files or folder you want to migrate.
  • Choose the Saving format as Gmail from the choice menu.
  • Enter the Gmail email address and password in the new sign-in screen.
  • Use the other advanced features of the tool accordingly.
  • Finally, click the Convert button.

This is how you can migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail account without any hassle and quickly. To get well-versed with this solution, quickly go through some prominent features of this utility.

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Salient Features of the AWS Backup Tool Other than Migration

  • Split Resultant PST
    If you are converting your AWS emails into PST format then you can use this feature through which you can split your large resultant PST file into multiple small PST files.
  • Remove Duplicate Emails
    This tool also facilitates you to remove or skip duplicate emails from the migration process that occurs more than once in order to prevent your mailbox from duplicating emails.
  • Date Filter
    With the help of this feature, users can backup their emails within a specified date range. This can help simplify backup management and ensure that only relevant backups are displayed.
  • Bulk Conversion
    This utility allows you to migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail account in bulk without any data mismanagement.

These are some most prominent features of this advanced utility. However, there is no manual method available for this migration process. Therefore, using an advanced utility is the only option to accomplish this task without any data loss.


This technical guide provides you with the method to migrate AWS Workmail to Gmail account. Where AWS Backup Tool plays a crucial role in transferring the AWS mailbox to Gmail. Additionally, there are certain other advantages of the tool, that you can avail of with its demo version.

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