How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook? – Two Easy Way

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  • Published on:  August 23rd, 2023
  • Updated on:  December 4, 2023
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Importing your Google Calendar to Outlook brings lots of advantages. Moreover, it creates a seamless and efficient scheduling experience. Synchronizing your Google Calendar into Outlook isn’t just about transferring events; it’s about optimizing your scheduling, collaboration, and overall organization. With both calendars, you have a powerful scheduling tool that keeps you ahead of the game, whether you’re working, playing, or relaxing. As a result, many professionals like you want to import Google Calendar to Outlook. Therefore, The Gmail Backup Tool is one of the best options that help you to do this migration between both calendars.

Why Sync/Import Google Calendar into Outlook?

You might be wondering, why bother importing your Google Calendar to Outlook? Well, let’s unravel the benefits.

  • When you import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you’re creating a unified schedule. 
  • Having your Google Calendar events within Outlook means you can set reminders, alerts, and notifications that work seamlessly across both platforms. Stay organized and punctual effortlessly.
  •  If you’re collaborating with colleagues or friends who use Outlook, importing your Google Calendar ensures everyone’s on the same page. You don’t miss important meetings or gatherings.
  • If you’re using other Microsoft Office tools, like Outlook, for email and tasks, having your calendar integrated ensures a cohesive work environment.
  • When you manage personal and professional schedules, it’s beneficial to have all your commitments in one place. 
  • Importing your Google Calendar to Outlook as an additional backup of vital events. When anything happens to one calendar. You don’t lose your essential dates and appointments.

Here are some common reasons to sync both Calendars. Now, we’ll learn the best two ways to sync Google Calendar with Outlook. 

Three Ways to Sync/Import Google Calendar With Outlook

Alright, we’ve two different solutions – A manual and a second automated. The manual solution consists of two procedures. After that, we’ll provide you with an automated approach. You just need to follow the entire steps.

#1. Import Google Calendar to Outlook Manually

The following process to configure the sync is divided into two small steps. First, we’ll export your Google Calendar. After that, we’ll import it to Outlook.

Step 1: First, Export Google Calendar Locally

  • Open your Gmail (Google email) account, and click the “Calendar.”
  • Look for “My Calendars” and then choose “Settings.” Move to the settings menu for your calendar.
  • Now, pick “Export calendars.” 
  • Choose a folder on your computer where you want to save the calendar file
  • Go to that spot and right-click the file you saved. Choose “Extract All.” You’ll see a file or files that look a bit different.

Step 2: Second, Import Google Calendar File to Outlook

  • Open Outlook on your computer. 
  • Click on “Calendar” in Outlook. 
  • Find “File“, then choose “Open & Export,” and then “Import/Export.” 
  • Choose Import: In the Import and Export Wizard, select “Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file.” 
  • Click “Next” and find the file you saved earlier (ends with 
  • Click “OK,” and then choose “Import” again. When it asks, say yes. 
  • Go back to your Outlook calendar. You should see your Google Calendar events there. 

And just like that, your Google Calendar has joined your Outlook Calendar party! All your events are in one place, which makes it easier to stay organized.

#2. Synchronize Google Calendar With Outlook

  • Go to your Google Calendar account and sign in. 
  • On the left side, find “My calendars” and click on it. Then, hover over the calendar you want to connect with Outlook. 
  • Click on the three dots next to the calendar’s name, then choose “Settings and Sharing.” 
  • Scroll down on the settings page until you see “Integrate Calendar.” Further, you’ll find a box with a “Secret address in iCal format.” Click the “Copy To Clipboard” button.
  • Now, Open Outlook on your computer. Click on “File,” then find “Account Settings,” and click on it. 
  • Look for the tab “Internet Calendars” and click “New.” 
  • Press “Ctrl” and “V” together (or right-click and choose “Paste“) to paste the web link from Google Calendar into Outlook. Then click “Add.” 
  • Give your new friend a name. Type it in the “Folder Name” box. It is how your Google Calendar will appear in Outlook.
  • Whenever you open Outlook, it’ll chat with your Google Calendar and get the latest updates. 
  • Even while Outlook is open, it’ll automatically update from Google Calendar. They’ll meet up and sync as often as Google Calendar says to.

And there you have it! Your Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are now configured. They’ll always be in sync, making sure you never miss any plans or events. These are the manual solutions to import Google Calendar to Outlook. Moreover, the above procedures have some drawbacks. 

Restrictions While Accomplishing Manually 

  • Manual methods often involve step-by-step processes that need more time and effort compared to automated solutions. 
  • Mistakes can happen while copying, pasting, or following intricate steps, leading to inaccurate or incomplete results. 
  • Repetitive tasks can become monotonous and tiresome.  
  • Manual procedures are not suitable for handling large-scale tasks efficiently. As the volume of data grows, manual processes become more cumbersome and impractical.

As a result, professionals suggest users go with the automated procedure. 

#3. Import Calendar From Google to Outlook Using Automated Solution in Few Clicks 

Gmail Backup Tool is the most reliable and trustworthy solution as it overcomes all the disadvantages of manual procedures. In addition, users can save their Google Calendar to their local system. In simple terms, users have to import them to their Microsoft Outlook account after downloading Gmail Calendar locally. Follow the below steps.

Steps to Export Calendar From Google to Outlook  

  • Download and launch the Gmail Backup Tool on your local system. 
  • After that, Choose the Google Workspace option on the right-hand of the screen.
  • Then, mention the login credentials of your Gmail account.   
  • Now, Select Calendar from the available list. 
  • Set the location to save the resultant file accordingly. 
  • At last, click the Download button. 

It will save your Google Calendar locally. Now, you have to import them to your Outlook account. You can simply Follow Step 2 as mentioned in Method 1. 

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Final Words

In a nutshell, importing your Google Calendar to Outlook is not as a complicated task as you think. By following the above methods, you can simply import Google Calendar to Outlook. Moreover, you’ve combined the power of both calendars, and make sure you never miss any updates.

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