How to Import PST to Zoho Mail Account? – Easy Guide

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Moving your stuff from Outlook to Zoho Mail might seem complex, but don’t worry! This simple guide will help you to import PST to Zoho Mail with each step. However, it ensures your necessary emails, contacts, and calendar events move effortlessly to Zoho Mail, which is super easy to use.

Before we start talking about moving your stuff, let’s figure out why many people like Zoho Mail more than other email places. As a result, Zoho Mail is great because it’s easy to use, has helpful tools for working together, and keeps everything safe. In addition, it’s the best for regular people and also for businesses. 

Why Users Want to Move PST Files to Zoho Mail?

Here are some common reasons that every user is required to import PST to Zoho Mail. 

  • You don’t have to install extra stuff on your computer to use Zoho Mail – it’s that easy. When you move your data from PST to Zoho Mail, your data stays safe. Zoho Mail lives on the internet, so even if you accidentally delete something, you can still get it back from the internet.
  • When you import your PST data to Zoho Mail, it also means you free up space on your computer. Moreover, the best part is that Zoho Mail doesn’t take up any space on your computer, so you have more room for other things.
  • With Zoho Mail, you can manage your stuff and get to it from anywhere with the internet. It’s like having your vital things with you wherever you go.

Now, we will look forward to the importing process. 

How to Import PST to Zoho Mail?

With the help of the PST Converter Tool, you can effortlessly move your PST files to Zoho Mail. As a result, it is the best way to bring your stuff into Zoho Mail without using Outlook. However, it’s made so that anyone, even if they’re not super techy, can use it easily. With this tool, you can Import PST Files to Zoho Mail at the same time, and it makes sure everything is correct. You don’t have to worry about losing your stuff or having it changed in any way. In addition, this tool is safe and has been tested by experts, so you can trust it to bring your PST file into Zoho Mail without any issues. Now, we will discuss the working of this software.

Steps to Move PST Files to Zoho Mail in Bulk:

  • First, download and launch the PST to Zoho Mail Migration Tool
  • Then, select the Single File/Multiple Files to add the PST files you want and tap ‘Next.’ 
  • After that, preview the files or folders you require from the list that shows up in a preview panel. 
  • Now, choose Zoho Mail from the drop-down menu as the place you want to save everything and log in. 
  • Finally, click ‘Convert‘ to import your PST file to Zoho Mail.

Here, we’ve discussed the workings of this utility. Now, we will elaborate on the detailed features of this program so that every user can effortlessly understand the tool.  

Exclusive Features of This Utility:

  • Moving big bunches of emails from a huge PST to Zoho Mail is easy. 
  • If your PST file is too big, you can break it into smaller pieces easily. 
  • You can also put lots of Outlook .pst files into your Zoho Mail Account at the same time. 
  • Anyone, even if they’re not super tech-savvy, can use it because it’s so easy to understand.  
  • You can put in bulk PST files or folders all at once when you want to move them. 
  • Before you move things, you can only look at your mailbox folders to pick what you need.  
  • If two things look the same, the tool can get rid of one of them. 
  • You can also bring in PST files without the extra stuff and save those extras separately as PDFs. 
  • If you only want to move things from a particular date range, this tool can do that, too.
  • Most importantly, this tool works with several things, making it the best choice.

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Final Words

Your PST file is now in Zoho Mail. Take advantage of Zoho Mail’s easy-to-use setup, tools to work together, and extra safety features. Have fun checking out all the cool things you can do, and enjoy using Zoho Mail for your emails. If you follow these steps to import PST to Zoho Mail without Outlook, moving your emails will be easy.

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