How can I Save AOL Emails to External Hard Drive?

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In this digital age, Emails are a treasure trove of important information and memories. Whether it’s crucial work communications or heartfelt messages from loved ones, preserving them is essential. If you’re an AOL email user looking to safeguard your emails, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to save AOL emails to external hard drive. Moreover, you can also use AOL Backup Tool to save emails locally.

AOL Mail can access through various email clients that support standard email protocols like IMAP and SMTP. Download and store your AOL Mail messages locally on your computer. Moreover, it allows you to access your emails even when you’re not connected to the internet. In fact, you can compose new emails, reply to messages, and forward emails using the email client’s interface.

Need to Export AOL Email to Hard Drive

Now the question is, what if your AOL emails could disappear? That’s where an external hard drive comes in. Here are some reasons why you should save your AOL emails to an external hard drive:

  • By saving them to an external hard drive, you create a backup that won’t vanish if your computer has a hiccup.
  • By saving them to an external hard drive, you keep those memories forever, even if you accidentally delete them from your email.
  • Your emails can have private stuff – like passwords or vital info. Having a copy on an external hard drive means you’re in control and keep your sensitive data extra secure.
  • Over time, your email account can get crowded with messages. By exporting them to an external hard drive, you free up space in your email account for new messages.
  • If you use AOL for work stuff, keeping copies of important work emails on an external hard drive can help you stay organized and maintain a record of business communications.
  • If your AOL account ever gets hacked or you can’t access it, having your emails on an external hard drive means you won’t lose them forever. 

Here are some common reasons for saving AOL emails locally. Now, we will highlight the best techniques for the same. 

How to Save AOL Emails to External Hard Drive?

The upcoming section will highlight three ways to save AOL emails locally. First, we’ll mention the professional solution. After that, we will go through it manually. 

#1.  Export AOL Email to Hard Drive Instantly

AOL Backup Tool is the best software to download emails locally. Moreover, users can also delete duplicate emails from their accounts. It will help them to free up the server space also. Apart from that, users can also migrate AOL to Office 365 and other email clients hassle freely.  Along with that, you can also back up your AOL emails and their attachments without losing a single piece of data. Now, it’s time to learn the detailed working of this software. It will definitely clear all your doubts. 

Steps to Save AOL Emails to External Hard Drive:

  • First, download the AOL Backup Tool on your system. 
  • After that, mention the login credentials of the AOL account. 
  • Then, mark the folders you want to save locally. 
  • Now, select the PDF format from the drop-down list. 
  • At last, click the Convert button. 

It will directly save locally. Moreover, the above procedure doesn’t consume enough time. It doesn’t need technical expertise to accomplish. Non-technical users can effortlessly perform it. If you have technical expertise, opt for the manual way. 

#2.  How to Save AOL Emails Manually? 

If you use AOL email on your computer, here’s how you can save emails to your computer in the simplest way: 

  • First, open AOL Mail on your computer. 
  • Look for the email that you want to save.
  • Next, see if there’s a button that says “Save.”
  • When you click “Save,” a menu will appear. Look for an option that says “On my PC.” 
  • Choose the right one for your email backup. 
  • Last but not least, click a button that says “OK.” 

#3.  Save AOL Email to Desktop Through Print Message Feature 

  • First, go to the AOL mail website and log in with the necessary credentials.
  • Open the targeted email you want to save and click the More button.
  • Choose the Print Message option from the drop-down menu.
  • A new window appears on your screen. Here, pick the Change button and click on it.
  • Opt for the Save as PDF button and click the Save button to back up AOL email to the computer.
  • Finally, pick the saving folder to save AOL mail and click on the Save button.

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Final Words 

Finally, you’ve safeguarded your AOL emails on an external hard drive. It’s a smart move that shows you value your digital memories and want them to stick around for a long, long time. From the above three procedures, you’ve got your answer on how to save AOL emails to external hard drives.

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