4 Authentic ways to transfer files between Google Drive Accounts

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  • Published on:  February 21st, 2023
  • Updated on:  April 7, 2023
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Summary: Is your Google Drive also lifting the load of bulky documents and now refusing to accept any data you entered? And you are seeking ways to transfer files between Google Drive accounts. Then end your quest here. In this guide, you will find the best manual ways and professional Google Drive Migration Tool to move files between google drive accounts.

Undoubtedly, Google Drive is the best place to secure your crucial documents, photos, images, music, videos, and others. You can use 15 GB of free storage to save these documents. The best part of this storage is you can access it around the globe with internet access. But sometimes, we add so much bulky data to it resultant we can not add any more data to it as a result users start facing issues like Google Drive not working on desktop. However, the data present in it is not always worthy. In this case, you can transfer your extra data to any other Google Drive account. Let us proceed with these methods in detail.

Manual Ways to Migrate Google Drive to Another Account

Below are different methods you can use to migrate your Google Drive data within your other account.

Method 1: Transfer Files between Google Drive Accounts

To use this method, you have to fulfill these prerequisites. Below is a list.


  • Google Drive Ids of both accounts.
  • Have a backup of your data.

After fulfilling these prerequisites, follow the steps to share Google Drive data with another drive.

Steps to Migrate Google Drive Transfer Files Between Accounts

  • Select the Google Drive from which you want to transfer your data.
  • Choose the files, folder, or data you wish to transfer.
  • Right-click on the chosen attachment, and prefer the Share option from the list of others.
  • Enter the email address with whom you want to share your documents.
  • Do not forget to provide access to the other user. You can change its setting under the General access button.
  • After entering the desired email ID, click on the Done button.
  • Additionally, you can also send the document with notes. But this step is optional.


You can copy the link to the document and send it directly to the other user with whom you want to share. Make sure to send him Edit access and remove your ownership.

The above steps will migrate your Google Drive data to another Google Drive. Alternatively, you can choose the following workaround.

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Method 2: Transfer Data Between Google Drive Accounts By Creating a Zip

This method demands two stages to execute and applies to more than one file or folder. Below is a description of the stages:

Stage 1: Create a zip file of the documents
Stage 2: Import it into the Another Drive

Catch the complete description of each stage below in detail.

Stage 1: Create a zip file of the Documents

  • Select the files you wish to share.
  • Right-click on the selected files and choose the Download button from the list of choices.
  • After the last step, it will create a zip file of the selected folder.

Once you’ve created the zip file, take the next step to transfer files between Google Drive accounts.

Stage 2: Import it into the Another Drive

In this stage, you have to import the above-created zip file to another Google Drive. Here are the steps to be taken.

  • Navigate to the new Google account and access Google Drive.
  • Click on the New button and hit on it.
  • Choose Folder Upload from the preference list.
  • Browse the location where you last saved your above-created zip folder and click on the Upload button.
  • At last, you have successfully migrated the Google Drive to another Drive.

If you think the above method is lengthy and tedious. You can opt for another workaround.

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Method 3: Transfer Files between Google Drive Accounts via Google Takeout

This method provides by Google to its users to take backups or migrate Google Drive and its other applications. Below are the steps to move files between Google Drive accounts.

Steps to Migrate Google Drive Data to Another Drive

  • Access your Gmail account, and navigate to the name icon.
  • Choose the Manage Your Google Account option.
  • In the new wizard, select Download your data under Data and Privacy.
  • The above step will take you to the Google Takeout Wizard. It will show all the Google applications choose Google Drive from the list of 44 applications.
  • Choose to send the download link via email under Destination.
  • Next, manage the frequency and file type & Size in accordance.
  • In last, hit the Create Export button.

The above steps will start exporting your data into a zip file. Once it is done, you will get a notification in your email. After that, you can easily fetch that zip file to any other drive or email.

These are some manual approaches that you can use to migrate google drive to another account. But these methods are tedious and, in some cases, demand technical expertise. Additionally, you need to focus more attention during this process. And in some cases, the application will take up to 4 days to create a zip file. This time duration will be based on data size. Often it observes that the zip file you created becomes inaccessible or corrupted in several cases.

Although, you can keep saving yourself from all these rid by using the professional tool. Let us enhance our search in detail.

Transfer Files between Google Drive Accounts in No Time

The Google Drive to Google Drive Migration Tool is an eminent tool that allows its users to save their Google Drive data not only in Google Drive but instead they also have the option to backup their Google Drive data to OneDrive locally. The tool is highly compatible with migrating Google Drive data items like Audio, Videos, Files, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and others to selected Google Drive, One Drive, or at a local destination. The best part of the tool is you can take a backup of your data instantly and without technical expertise. Below are the steps to be taken to run the utility.

Steps to Transfer Files between Two Google Drive Accounts

  • Download and install the Google Drive Migration Tool and run it as administrator.
  • Select the Google Drive account whose data you wish to migrate.
  • The utility will start scanning your added drive and shows you the properties of your drive.
  • Manage the filters as per requirement.
  • Select the saving destination as Google Drive and add another account.
  • After allowing the required permission, Select the destination folder and assign a name for the output file.
  • In the end, it will show the entire Migration Details including total files, downloaded files, and backup location.

The above steps will help you in Google Drive transfer files between accounts.


Following the article, you have enough ways to transfer files between Google Drive accounts. Though the manual methods are easy to use, they are very time-consuming and in some cases, the zip file you created during this becomes inaccessible. On the contrary, a professional tool is easy to use and does not demand technical expertise to run the tool. Additionally, the utility allows you to migrate Google Drive data to other Google Drive, One Drive, and at your selected local destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I move folders between Google Drive accounts?

Ans – Yes, you can move folders between Google Drive accounts easily and steadily with the automated Google Drive Migration Tool.

Q2. How do I move a folder to another drive without copying it?

Ans – You can move a folder to another drive without copying it by following the steps below:

1. Install the Google Drive Migration Tool.
2. Add the Google account to the utility.
3. According to your needs, use the tool’s filter.
4. Choose the saving destination as Google Drive.
5. Assign the folder name and destination for the resultant file.

In this way, you can move folders to another drive without copying them.

Q3. How do I move photos from one Google Drive to another?

Ans – You can use the Google Drive Migration Tool to transfer photos from one Google Drive to another.

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