In-depth Guide: How to Retrieve Documents from Google Drive?

  •  Shivam Pandey
  • Published on:  March 22nd, 2023
  • Updated on:  April 13, 2023
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Is your Google Drive becoming bulky and not allowing you to access it? This is incredibly frustrating for everyone, and under certain conditions, things might become so bad that your Google Drive becomes corrupt. We are aware that you won’t be able to sit back and relax in this circumstance and start looking for how to retrieve documents from Google Drive.

File deletion and addition are frequent tasks for corporate employees. But sometimes, we accidentally delete some necessary documents and try to retrieve them at any cost. Although, It is not a cakewalk to recover deleted files from Google Drive. Contrarily, it is also hard to say impossible for this task. There are some in-built features that Google offers you to get back the data that you deleted voluntarily or accidentally. Let’s have a detailed discussion of these approaches.

In-Built Solution For How to Retrieve Documents From Google Drive

In this section, you will get different solutions to recover deleted backup from Google Drive. Below is a description of some methods provided by Google itself.

Method 1: Restore Deleted Files in Google Drive Using Bin

  • Open Google Drive and move to the Bin option.
  • Then choose the files you want to recover.
  • Right-click on these selected documents and choose the Restore option.

Note: This method will help only when your data is less than 30 days old. Google itself deletes your data if resides in Bin for more than 30 days.

Method 2: Retrieve Documents from Google Drive Using Ctrl + Z

This method works only if you already accessed your Google Drive and there you deleted files accidentally. Then using this method you can retrieve the last deleted file.

  • Move to your Google Drive.
  • Use Ctrl + Z command.
  • The last step will recover your last deleted file.

Note: This approach won’t work. If you delete more than one file. Only the most recently deleted file will be recovered if you accidentally deleted multiple files.

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Method 3: Recover Deleted File from Shared Folder Google Drive

This method can use only & only if you have Google Workspace or G-Suite Admin credentials. A shared folder is that which your organization shared with you, and this folder can access by any employee. Below are the steps taken to retrieve files from Google Drive Shared Folder.

  • Go to the Google Admin Console after Sign-in by entering the G-Suite account credentials.
  • Choose the Users from the Admin Console.
  • Move to the three dots available on the right side and choose Restore Data from the choices.
  • In the new wizard, select Drive under Applications.
  • At last, click the Restore button.

Note: With this method, you can restore your deleted Google Drive data within 25 days of deletion. It is recommendable to take backups of your data frequently. There is no manual way to recover permanently deleted files from Google Drive after 25 days. Though the above methods are very tricky and demand technical expertise. Additionally, when you try to reset the password, Google Console frequently fails to log in. In the meantime, you have to halt your work. But you can refrain from yourself from all these rids using expert-recommended tools. Let’s elaborate on the advanced option.

Retrieve Documents From Google Drive With Cutting-Edge Approach

We have seen from the methods above that if data is deleted before 25 days, we are unable to back up that data. We recommend you save your Google Drive frequently so that you have the option to secure your data. To save your data, you also have a 3-2-1 backup rule and can save your data with the Google Drive Migration Tool. The Google Drive Migration Tool is feature-rich and allows you to transfer your Google Drive data to OneDrive, a Hard Drive, or another Google Drive. This advanced utility is highly compatible with migrating your Google Drive data like Audio, Video, Documents, etc. To your desired destination of OneDrive, Google Drive, or hard drive. Let’s learn how to retrieve documents from Google Drive with Automated Tool.

Steps to Perform Google Drive Migration Tool

  • Download the Google Drive Migration Tool.
  • Add the Gmail account of whose drive you want to migrate.
  • The utility starts scanning your added Google Drive.
  • Select the Files or Folder you want to migrate.
  • You can Apply Filters and manage other features of the utility as per requirement.
  • Select the destination place and assign a name for your resultant Google Drive data.
  • At last, Click the Exit button.

Following the above steps, you can securely backup or transfer files between Google Drive accounts, OneDrive, or local drives.


This write-up explains how to retrieve documents from Google Drive in an effective manner. The solution to recovering Google Drive has been provided after deep research and has been implemented under the experts’ guidance. Well, try it once by yourself, and if you have any queries regarding the professional solution, contact us. Then our team is available for you around the clock. Feel free to approach.

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