Transfer iCloud Email to Gmail – Expert Guide 2023

  •  Pradeep Kumar
  • Published on:  August 1st, 2023
  • Updated on:  August 23, 2023
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Have you heard about the latest Gmail update? It’s now possible to manually upgrade a user’s Gmail account to the new version. As a result, users want to transfer iCloud email to Gmail to get multiple advanced features of Gmail. Users can effortlessly move their iCloud emails to Gmail using iCloud Backup Tool.

iCloud is an email client that lets you store and access your photos, videos, documents, and other files. It allows you to synchronize your data across all your Apple devices, like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. On the other hand, Gmail is a user-friendly and reliable email service with helpful features to manage your communication efficiently. Now, we will learn the common reasons for Moving iCloud to Gmail. 

Why Need to Transfer iCloud Mailbox to Gmail Account? 

Various reasons that make you transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail.

  • Gmail allows you to send and receive emails to and from anyone with an email address.
  • It provides a lot of free storage, so you can keep many emails and attachments without worrying about running out of space. 
  • It automatically separates your emails into different categories like Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. In fact, it is making it easier to find important messages.
  • You can easily find specific emails using the search bar, just like you search on the internet. 
  • You can send and receive files like photos and documents along with your emails. 
  • Instead of traditional folders, Gmail uses labels to help you organize and sort your emails. 
  • It automatically detects and moves spam or unwanted emails to a separate folder so your inbox stays clean. 

These are some reasons to transfer iCloud Emails to Gmail accounts. Now, we will learn the possible solutions for the same. 

How to Transfer iCloud Email to Gmail?

We have two solutions to Migrate iCloud Email to Gmail. First, we will accomplish it manually, where you’ll see some loopholes for the same. After that, we will perform the same using the iCloud to Gmail Migration Tool.  

Method 1: Transfer Emails from iCloud to Gmail Manually 

  • First, log in to your Gmail Account and navigate to the Settings Option. 
  • After that, choose the Accounts and Import option and click the Import Mail and Contacts option.
  • Then, mention the iCloud Account Credentials and Sign in.
  • And Then, type the iCloud IMAP settings and click the Next button.
  • Last, select the Import Mail option from the drop-down list and click the Import button. 

From the above procedure, you can effortlessly move your iCloud emails to Gmail. But the above solution has some limitations. 

Drawbacks of Performing Manually 

  • Require manual expertise. 
  • Time-consuming and a little bit complex also. 
  • Non-technical and beginner users face lots of barriers while accomplishing it. 
  • No Mailbox Folder Selection Option is available.
  • No Email Filter Option. 

To overcome all these scenarios, opt for the automated solution. 

Method 2: Migrate iCloud Email to Gmail Efficiently

iCloud Backup Tool is the most trustworthy and exclusive software. It helps users to Transfer iCloud Email to Gmail hassle freely. Moreover, this software allows users to opt for additional features to make the migration process more simple and easier. In fact, this program comes up with an interactive and easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface where novice users can simply accomplish it. Now, we will discuss the working of the wizard to make a better understanding of your mind. 

Steps to Import iCloud Emails to Gmail Account:

  • First, download the iCloud Backup Tool and run it as an administrator. 
  • After that, mention the iCloud credentials, including the email address and app password. Click the Sign In button.
  • Now, you can select the folder you wish to transfer.
  • Then, click on the Next button to move further.
  • Here, select the Gmail email client as a saving option from the shown list.
  • Type your Gmail credentials, including the email address and app password to sign in.
  • Users can also go with the additional features accordingly. 
  • In the end, click the Convert button to begin the email migration from iCloud emails into Gmail.
Time to Sum Up! 

We have reached the end and would like to summarize the entire technical guide. We have mentioned possible reasons for moving iCloud emails to Gmail. After that, we learned two ways to transfer iCloud email to Gmail. You can go with any of the procedures where you feel more comfortable while accomplishing them further.

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