Best 3 Ways to Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive [Updated – 2023]

  •  Manoj Sharma
  • Published on:  July 15th, 2022
  • Updated on:  January 2, 2023
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Generally, people use the Hotmail service daily to send and receive emails. But, have you ever thought if you can backup Hotmail emails to hard drive? If you lose your Hotmail account or accidentally delete your emails, it will become difficult for you to retrieve them. This blog will look into multiple ways to secure your Hotmail emails to the hard drive.

Note: Using a secure and reliable Hotmail Backup Software, you can directly backup Hotmail email to a hard drive in many file formats such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc. Additionally, it allows you to migrate Hotmail emails to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and other popular email clients.

An Overview of Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the most popular free email service providers. It is an easy-to-use email service offering various unique features. Though Hotmail is free of cost, it comes with a limit of 50 MB as its email storage. There is not sufficient space for email storage, especially with email attachments.

While it seems that the company is doing everything in its power to protect consumers, there is still a lack of trust from the public. After reading this article, you will be able to download Hotmail emails to your hard drive. But before that, let us proceed further towards finding the root causes for migrating Hotmail Emails to PC.

Needs to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

There are several instances that lead to backup Hotmail emails to hard drive. We will discuss all the causes behind downloading the emails.

  • In case of accidental deletion of any of the Hotmail emails.
  • To prevent the Hotmail account from being hacked or misused easily.
  • Backup Hotmail emails to hard drives helps to save your data so that you cannot lose your data.
  • If the user wants to access the emails in the mailbox in offline mode.

After reading the above reasons, we understand why users are searching for the best possible ways to download Hotmail emails to computer/PC. However, some Hotmail users prefer to migrate Hotmail to Office 365 which is a robust cloud-based email service. So, without further delay, let’s go through the effective methods to download Hotmail emails to the hard drive.

Best Way to Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

If you are a Hotmail user, you need to save Hotmail emails to computers to prevent them from any loss or damage. You can accomplish this task by exporting your Hotmail emails to your computer. So, perform the below methods carefully.

Method 1: Save Hotmail Email As EML File

  • Sign in to your Hotmail account and Open the mail you want to save.
  • download hotmail to hard drive

  • Navigate the Drop-Down Arrow key in the header area and click on the Download option from the menu.
  • backup hotmail emails to hard drive

  • It allows saving the desired email into EML format on your system.

After performing the above methods, you can save the document with the .eml extension.

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Method 2: Copy & Paste Email Content

In this method, you can directly save all the email content to a plain text file, and later on, you can save it on your local hard disk or pen drive. To perform this action, select and copy the entire content of the Hotmail email and paste it into a simple text document.

Instant Approach to Export Emails from Hotmail to Computer

Hotmail Backup Software is an unsurmountable utility that enables users to save their Hotmail emails into the local machines. The software converts the Hotmail emails into PDF, PST, EML, MSG, DOC, HTML, and many other file formats. Also, this utility migrates email into Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, AOL, IMAP, iCloud, etc. Furthermore, you can even extract email attachments from Hotmail accounts. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Some Exclusive Features of Hotmail Backup Software

  • The software converts Hotmail emails into multiple file formats such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, CSV, HTML, etc.
  • You can also add Hotmail accounts to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, iCloud, and other popular email clients.
  • Facilitates users to exclude duplicate mail items from the migration process.
  • Users can migrate emails without attachments.
  • Option to save the resulting file at the desired location.
  • You can also skip previously migrated items from the backup process.


In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to backup your important files. Everyone uses email daily, so we thought it was a fitting topic to cover. We hope that our blog post helps you understand how to backup Hotmail emails to hard drive. Please, contact us if you have any further questions.

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