Proven Method to Convert OST to EMLX Format in Bulk

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Converting the OST files into EMLX will be an important process. As we know, an OST file is a proprietary used by MS Outlook to store the data of email on a user device. However, the OST file format can become corrupted, which makes it difficult to use their email data MS Outlook application. OST files can’t be used with other email clients due to incompatibility of file format, as it is proprietary of Outlook. To make it easily accessible to other clients, we can convert OST to EMLX format, which is a widely used format. This allows a user to easily access their email data to other email clients, including Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

Why Do We Need to Convert OST to EMLX?

Due to many reasons, we need to convert OST to EMLX, as it offers a wide range of benefits that will ease the management and preservation of emails. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Converting into EMLX will help to transfer our Outlook email data to other email clients easily.
  • It helps to record important mail as a backup, and sharing emails between friends and colleagues becomes easy.
  • The conversion will deliver the user better data security because EMLX file formats are highly resistant to data corruption.

Difference Between OST And EMLX File

FormatThis is an XML-based file format used to store data of a single email in Apple Mail client.It is a proprietary file format used by MS Outlook to store emails locally on a user’s device.
AccessibilityIt can be opened with text editors and many email clients.It can only be opened in the Microsoft Outlook application.
ContentIt only contains email data like messages and metadata of the sender.Furthermore, it contains mail data, Contacts, tasks, and much more.
Data SecurityThese files are not encrypted by default, but we can apply password protection using Apple encryption tools.They are encrypted by MS Outlook’s advanced

Automated Method to Convert OST to EMLX Files

OST to PST Converter is a specially designed tool by experienced developers that helps to convert OST to EMLX file format. Using this tool, a user can convert OST files into EMLX easily and effortlessly. Due to its built-in features, it can smoothly perform batch (a group of files) processes of OSTs and can remove duplicates, which saves our time and effort. Additionally, it can support OST files from all versions of Outlook, and it saves the original hierarchy and integrity of the email data.

Steps to Convert OST to EMLX File

  • First, download and run the OST to PST Converter tool on the user’s device.
  • Next, choose the OST file to add them.
  • Then, you can preview the files/folder in the preview panel.
  • Now, select PST format from the drop-down list.
  • Set the name and destination to save the file.
  • At last, Hit the Convert button.

Following the above steps, a user can easily convert their OST file into EMLX format and use the advantage of it.

Benefits of Using Automate Method

Take advantage of the benefits of an automated tool for converting OST to EMLX.

  • Time-saving: By automating the process, the tool saves users significant effort and time that would be spent on the manual method.
  • Effortless conversion: The converter makes the process of converting OST files to EMLX file format straightforward.
  • Preservation: It helps to maintain the original hierarchy of email files and folders.
  • Reliable: The tool is developed by experienced developers, which ensures the risk of data loss.
  • User interface – An easy-to-use user interface helps users to use the converter tool smoothly.


This blog is mainly written to provide knowledge on how to convert OST to EMLX. But as we know, converting OST to EMLX is a kind of difficult task. As there is no alternate method to perform the conversion, we recommend using an automated OST to PST converter tool. With this tool, one can easily and effortlessly migrate OST files to EMLX format. By following this article, you can successfully convert your files. We hope the article has helped provide a proven method for the conversion.

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