Quick Ways to Transfer Emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook

  •  Manoj Sharma
  • Published on:  May 23rd, 2023
  • Updated on:  November 29, 2023
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Zoho Mail is an efficient and secure email client for every organization. It fulfills all the requirements regarding communication purposes. In addition, this email solution offers users integrated contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and bookmarks in their inbox section. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is becoming famous among companies for its advanced features. Moreover, it offers better security than Zoho Mail. As a result, users want to transfer Zoho Mail to Outlook.

This write-up will discuss various ways to migrate emails from Zoho to Outlook. Moreover, if you want to accomplish the conversion process from Zoho mails to Outlook instantly, you should go with the automated solution. We will also discuss it.

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How to Transfer Zoho Mail to Outlook?

In this upcoming section, we will discuss two procedures that will help you to export Zoho Mail to Microsoft Outlook. The first approach will perform manually, and the remaining will highlight through a reliable technique.

Method 1: Migrate Emails from Zoho to Outlook

This section is distributed into two steps. First, we have to download Zoho Mails in ZIP format. After that, we need to import EML files in PST format.

Step 1: Download Zoho Mails in ZIP Format

  • First, launch Zoho Mail on your system and log in with the necessary credentials.
  • After that, move to the Setting Gear icon.
  • Then, choose the Import/Export option.
  • Moving ahead, select the folder you want to export.
  • You can opt for the additional options as per your requirement.
  • Afterward, select the time or duration (months) from the displayed list.
  • You can also go with the particular date range feature for easy exporting.
  • For exporting all emails, pick the Export all Messages option.
  • Now, click the Export button to start the transferring procedure of Zoho emails.
  • After finishing the procedure, you will get a notification through mail along with the downloading links.
  • Lastly, download the ZIP file, which contains the entire EML files.

Step 2: Import EML File in Outlook

Follow the below procedure to add your newly created EML file in Microsoft Outlook.

  • First, open MS Outlook on your system.
  • After that, navigate the EML file location and hold for some time.
  • Move your cursor and go to the inbox section.
  • Drag the EML file and drop it to your MS Outlook.

Here is the manual process to transfer Zoho Mail to Outlook. You can follow it if you have a few emails. In other words, you have to wait for days or weeks to upload all files to MS Outlook. As a result, it consumes lots of energy and time. In fact, if you have a poor internet connection, there may be an interruption in data loss. If you don’t want to bear any such challenges, go with a reliable solution. It will be helpful to you further.

Method 2: Expert Solution for Zoho to Outlook Migration

Zoho Data Migration Wizard is a versatile and standalone utility. It allows users to export Zoho Mails to PST format efficiently without data loss. Moreover, you can also perform bulk conversion easily. In addition, it saves emails and attachments separately. The preview feature is also available, where users can effortlessly view their file details in a preview panel. Now, we would like to mention the working of the software to create a better understanding in your mind.

Steps to Move Emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook:

  • First, run the Zoho Mail Conversion Tool on your system.
  • Then, input the ID, Password, Port Number, and Host Name of the Zoho Mail.
  • Here, preview your desired files and highlight them to export in a PST file.
  • Now, choose PST from the drop-down list.
  • You can also go with the additional features as per your requirement.
  • After that, set the location where you want to save your newly created file.
  • Finally, click the Convert button.

Now, your Zoho Mail has been converted into PST format. To import your PST file to Outlook, follow these steps:

  • First, open MS Outlook and move to the File tab.
  • After that, select Open & Export and click Import/Export option.
  • Then, choose the Import from another program or file option from Import and Export Wizard window.
  • Moving ahead, pick the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.
  • In the end, browse the location to locate the desired PST files and click the Finish button.

Winding Up!

Here, we will sum up the technical guide. We have discussed two procedures to transfer Zoho Mail to Outlook. The first one is accomplished by manual technique, and the other one is discussed with the help of a professional tool. You can check them out and make sure to choose wisely.

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