Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365 Using 2 Easy Methods

  •  Shivam Pandey
  • Published on:  May 18th, 2023
  • Updated on:  August 23, 2023
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User Query – In our organization, we have a Zoho Premium account for the purposes of communication. Just a few days back, we purchased an Office 365 subscription plan due to its inclusive features. As a result, we are looking forward to a reliable solution to migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365. Do you guys have any ideas or procedures that can aid us in moving the entire mailbox data instantly and efficiently? Please suggest us.

From the above user query, it is clearly stated that this blog will discuss different processes to migrate email from Zoho to Office 365. Moreover, you can opt for the Zoho Mail Migration Tool for the fastest conversion procedure without interrupting data. Before jumping to the solution part, we will discuss some possible reasons for accomplishing the migration process.

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Why Are Users More Preferring O365 Over Zoho Mail?

There are a number of advantages of Office 365 over Zoho Mail. Just put your complete attention towards this section. Otherwise, you will face multiple barriers in Zoho Mail to Office 365 Migration process.

  • Microsft 365 has the flexibility to mix and match as it offers numerous subscription plans to its users.
  • Users will always be safe and secure in O365 as there are several features, such as advanced threat analytics, data loss prevention, mobile device management, and message encryption.
  • With the help of Office 365, cross-collaboration is an easy task for all users.
  • You can effortlessly access MS Office 365 remotely.

Now, we will discuss factors you should know before the conversion procedure from Zoho Mails to Office 365.

Points to Remember to Begin the Migration Process

  • Prepare a list of everything you wish to transfer, such as permissions, folders, messages, and emails.
  • After that, construct and allot user mailbox items to the desired O365 tenant you wish to transfer.
  • Ensure you have a complete backup of your Zoho mailbox, such as notes, contacts, emails, and many more.
  • First, decide which method you will perform to transfer from Zoho Mail to Microsoft 365.
  • Begin the conversion process and verify the transferring procedure’s endpoint.

Here are all the details which point you should keep in your mind during the migration process. Now, we will discuss how you can migrate Zoho Email to Office 365.

Prominent Ways to Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365

First, we will accomplish this procedure with the help of the shortcut solution. After that, we will elaborate on the same in detail manually.

Method 1: Zoho Mail to Office 365 Migration – Instant Approach

Zoho Mail Migration Tool is a reliable and versatile utility. It helps users to move emails from Zoho mails to Microsoft 365 in bulk without bearing any challenges. Moreover, you can remove similar emails during the transferring process. In addition, this software offers various features, such as a date filter, freeing up server space, and many more. Nw, we will highlight the steps of the wizard to make a better understanding of your mind.

Steps to Move Zoho Mail to Office 365

  • First, Download and launch the Zoho Mail Migration Tool on your local system.
  • Afterward, log in with the crucial User ID, Password, Port No, and Host of Zoho Mail and click the Next button.
  • Furthermore, select the Files/Folders from the desired list and click the Next button.
  • Here, choose Office 365 from the displayed list.
  • Next up, authenticate the login procedure to continue the coming step.
  • In the end, click on the Convert button to implement the migration process.

Here, you have seen that we have mentioned a reliable and shortcut procedure to migrate Zoho emails to Microsoft 365. You can easily perform the bulk migration process efficiently. Moreover, there is no need for technical expertise. Even though non-technical users can effortlessly accomplish this process. If you have more knowledge of the technical background, you must go with the manual solution.

Method 2: Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365 Manually

To implement this method, you have to download Zoho emails in PST files. After that, import PST files to O365. Follow the below stages:

Step 1: Download Zoho Mails in PST Formats

  • First, sign in to the Zoho Mail account.
  • After that, move to the Settings Gear icon and select the Import/Export option.
  • Then, opt for the Export option to pick a desired folder.
  • Next, choose the targeted number of email messages.
  • Moving ahead, click the Export button. The downloading process will start instantly.
  • Further, you will get a ZIP file and then take it out in EML file format.

Afterward, users open EML files in MS Outlook and export files from Microsoft Outlook to get a newly created PST file.

Step 2: Upload Resultant PST Files to O365

For uploading PST files to Office 365, you can easily import your PST file into Office 365 with the help of PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.

This is the manual method as you can see that.

Final Verdict

Here we have reached the end and would like to provide you a conclusion of the entire guide. First, we mentioned some benefits of using Microsoft 365 over Zoho Mails. After that, we highlighted some factors that should keep in mind while accomplishing the transferring process. Then, we discussed two solutions to migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365. You can choose any of the procedures as per your comfort zone.

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