Best Method to Convert OFT File into PDF Format

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Users often wonder how to reuse their OFT files, which are Outlook template files. The easiest solution is to convert OFT to PDF, as PDFs are widely compatible across different platforms. In this guide, we’ll explore user-friendly methods for converting Outlook OFT template files to PDF. But first, let’s understand the basic differences between these two file formats and why you might want to convert them.

Moreover, we will elaborate on the automated solution with the help of the OFT Converter. You just need to read and understand the entire guide. 

Understanding OFT and PDF Files

OFT Files: The .oft file is made by Microsoft, and it’s an Outlook File Template used for email templates. These templates have ready-made layouts. As a result, it makes it easy to send emails with the same design and content to save time. You can create a .oft file by starting a new email, adding your text and design, and then downloading it as a template in Microsoft Outlook.

PDF Files: PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a useful type of file many people use. It’s great because it keeps design, fonts, and pictures of a document the same no matter what device or computer you’re using. However, it makes it perfect for sharing things like reports, manuals, forms, and presentations because whoever gets the file sees it just like the person who sent it meant for them to see it. 

Why do Users want to Convert Outlook OFT template to PDF?

The following section will discuss some reasons to convert OFT to PDF. 

  • Universal Compatibility: PDFs work on any device without needing special software.
  • Preservation of Formatting: They keep documents looking the same, including fonts and pictures.
  • Ease of Sharing: PDFs are easy to share and stay the same on different devices, making them great for emailing documents to many people.
  • Security Features: PDFs can be made secure with passwords, which is important for private info.
  • Archiving and Documentation: They’re good for keeping documents safe and organized for a long time. Moreover, it is useful for storing important records.

Overall, converting Outlook OFT templates to PDFs makes it easier to use and share documents safely. 

How to Convert OFT to PDF?

You have two good ways to change your file to PDF. The first way will be performed manually and the other solution does not require enough technical expertise. 

#1. Convert OFT File to PDF Manually

You can also use Microsoft Word to turn your file into a PDF using its Save As feature. Here’s how you do it:

  • First, open Microsoft Word on your computer.
  • After that, click on the “File” tab at the top.
  • Then, select “Open” from the menu and choose your OFT file.
  • Once your OFT file is open in MS Word, return to the “File” tab.
  • Further, click on “Save As.”
  • In the Save As dialog box, pick where you want to save the PDF file.
  • Now, choose “PDF (*.pdf)” from the dropdown menu next to “Save as type.”
  • At last, click “Save.”

These steps let you convert OFT to PDF one at a time. You can check by going to where you saved the file and see if it’s in PDF format. Moreover, if you have OFT files in bulk, the above solution is recommended for you to perform. For performing the bulk conversion, follow the subsequent section. 

#2. Convert Outlook OFT template to PDF in Just a Few Clicks

The Cigati OFT Converter Tool is easy to use and made just for changing OFT files. It might let you choose what parts of the file you want to convert and can change lots of OFT files together. Moreover, this software is highly compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and try to keep your OFT file the same after converting. They can also help with changing other types of files. Now, it’s time to understand the workings of this wizard.

Steps to Change OFT Files to PDF in Bulk

  • First, install and open the OFT to PDF Converter Tool.
  • After that, click on “Browse” to choose your OFT file from your computer.
  • Then, select the OFT file and click “Open.”
  • Next, choose the folder you want from the list that appears.
  • Further, select “PDF” from the dropdown menu to choose the PDF format.
  • Subsequently, click on “Optional Features” if needed.
  • Moving ahead, pick where you want to save the PDF file.
  • Finally, click “Convert” to change your OFT file to PDF.

These steps make it easy for users to convert OFT files to PDF. The software also keeps any attachments in your OFT file when converting.

End Words

Turning OFT files into PDFs is an easy way to make sure everyone can open and share your email templates. Just follow the steps in this guide, and you’ll be able to convert OFT to PDFs in no time. As a result, it makes it easier to manage your emails. Moreover, make sure to choose the method where you feel more comfortable.

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