How to Remove Password From PST Files? – Securely

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In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive information is essential. Many users encrypt their PST  files to protect their emails, contacts, calendars, and other Outlook data. However, situations may arise where you need to remove the password from a PST file securely, either due to a forgotten password or a change in security requirements. In this blog, we’ll navigate through various methods to accomplish this task safely and efficiently.

Best 3 Approach to Remove Password from PST File

There are numerous methods to remove the password that you have already forgotten. Further, we describe the three best solutions to remove the forgotten password from the PST file. First, we define the direct solution to recover passwords from PST files. It comes with features for PST management and password removal. Later, we also explain the manual solution using Outlook and scripts to modify the PST file instantly. The following section explains each approach one by one separately.

#Approach 01:  Reliable Utility to Remove Password from PST File

The Outlook PST Password Remover Tool is a productive and dynamic solution to remove every type of password from the PST file. You can use the Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool to select either single or multiple PST files simultaneously.  It is user-friendly and does not require prior technical expertise to perform tasks. It simplifies every process related to Outlook PST files, making them easy to execute. Moreover, it supports both ANSI and UNICODE formats. Also, you can add the password according to your selection. Although, it is compatible with all primary editions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 11.

Steps to Remove Password Using Outlook PST Password Remover

  • Foremost, launch and run the Outlook PST Password Remover Tool.
  • Now, tap the button Select Files to choose encrypted PST files and click on the Open button to add them.
  • In the next section, it will display all the locked PST files on your screen.
  • After that, click on the Remove Password button to decrypt all the PST files.
  • Also, you can enter the new password for the PST file. To do this click the Set Password button.
  • After adding a new Password tap on the OK button to remove the password from the PST file.

Once you have done these few steps, you can remove the password from the PST files effortlessly. If you have an awareness of tech expertise then you can also proceed with the upcoming methods. Perform these methods carefully otherwise, you can lose your data.

#Approach 02: Removing PST Password using pst19upg.exe

Microsoft provides a utility named pst19upg.exe which serves to upgrade .pst files to newer standards. Beyond simply upgrading Outlook data files, this tool also can remove passwords from PST files. This method is applicable when you are using an earlier version of MS Outlook 2002. Also, the PST file is generated in ANSI format rather than Unicode format. Proceed with the steps are as follows: 

Steps to Remove Forgotten Password from PST File using pst19upg.exe

  • To execute this approach, you should close Outlook and create a copy of a PST file named “PstCopy”.
  • Now, run ScanPST.exe which you find in the Outlook directory, and correct PstCopy
  • When you complete it, navigate to the file to the location of pst19upg.exe.
  • To open the Run window, press the Windows key + R. Then, type “CMD” into the text field and hit ENTER.
  • Next, provide the location of pst19upg.exe and tap the ENTER.
  • Later, enter the command “pst19upg.exe -x PstCopy.pst” and press ENTER. A new file PstCopy.psx will be created.
  • Lastly, give a name to the original PST file to something else. Then enter “pst19upg.exe -i PstCopy.psx” in the CMD and press ENTER.
  •  After performing these steps, it will create a new PST without any password.

After executing these steps, you will remove the forgotten password from the PST file. The manual approaches can be done without paying any cost. But, it varies with a lot of drawbacks as well. Here, we point out some cons of using a manual approach. It helps while you choosing the approaches.

Problem Occurs while using the Manual Method

  • Using the Manual Method to remove a password from a PST file can be time-consuming.
  • These methods are complex and require technical expertise to perform.
  • If the process is not executed correctly, it carries a risk of data corruption or loss.
  • The Pst19upg.exe utility is used on MS Outlook 2002 and earlier versions only.
  • Handling sensitive data like PST files manually can pose security risks.

That’s why users generally prefer an alternative method to deal with password-protected PST files.

#Approach 03:  Remove Password from Encrypted Outlook PST File Within Outlook

If you know the password and can open the PST file in Microsoft Outlook, you can remove the password directly from within Outlook. To execute the process of recovering passwords from PST files follow the pointed steps:

Steps to Remove Password Using MS Outlook

  • First, you should open MS Outlook on your system.
  • After that, navigate to the File tab and tap on Account Settings.
  • From the Account Settings drop-down, choose Account Settings.
  • In the new window, go to the Data Files choose the desired PST file, and double-tap on the selected file.
  • The Outlook Data File window will appear >> Change Password button.
  • Now, fill in the Old password in the section of Old password then press the OK button.

Now, you know how MS Outlook will help you recover the password of PST files. This approach is only possible when you know the PST password. If you need help remembering the password, follow the alternative methods outlined below. 

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Removing the password from PST files is necessary in certain situations. However, it’s essential to do so securely to avoid data loss or prevent security. Whether using built-in Outlook features or the recommended software. Pick the best approach accordingly to provide a smooth and secure process. Although, remember to keep backups of your PST files and use reputable software to protect your Outlook data effectively.

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