A Helpful Guide: How to Export Gmail Emails to PDF for Backup?

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  • Published on:  October 19th, 2022
  • Updated on:  December 29, 2023
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Summary: As a personal or professional user, are you also juggling with an issue of exporting Gmail emails to PDF? This article helps you to get rid of this problem and allows you the safest and most reliable method to save multiple Gmail emails as a PDF. Additionally, you’ll know about the Gmail Backup Software, which offers unique features other than converting gmail emails into PDFs with or without attachments.

Gmail is one of the leading email clients that has almost 1.8 billion users, and the number of sending and receiving messages continues to rise. Gmail is widely compatible with other email clients due to its easy-to-access functionality. Exporting gmail email to pdf is the right choice if you want to save or read email offline. Among all file formats that can be easily accessible offline, PDF is the best option because of its portability and security in nature. It is almost impossible to make adulterations in PDF files. That’s why many individuals and professionals choose PDF file formats for saving or sharing emails.

But sometimes, the number of emails is more than one to export in pdf making it impossible to export one by one. So, this article emphasizes authentic and proven methods to save multiple Gmail emails as PDFs. Let’s look at each technique to do this detail.

Method to Export Gmail Emails to PDF With Gmail Inbuilt Add-ons

It is one of the tricky and quite lengthy approaches to saving numerous Gmail messages in Portable Doc Format. Before using this method, you should backup Gmail emails to the hard drive to ensure your data security.

The procedure to convert Gmail emails to PDF can be accomplished in four stages, and each stage is further nested with some steps. So, to proceed with the following stages, here are the steps to take.

  • Create a Label in Gmail and Folder in Google Drive
  • Add Extensions Via Google Spreadsheet
  • Create a Rule for the added Extension
  • Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF Locally (optional)

You have to follow the steps systematically to backup multiple Gmail emails in PDF. Here are the steps for each stage.

Stage 1: Create a Label in Gmail and Folder in Google Drive

  1. Access your Gmail Account and select the messages you want to convert into PDFs.
  2. Go to the Label option and tap Create New.export gmail emails to pdf
  3. Provide a name to the Label, and click on the Create button.export gmail emails to pdf
  4. A new folder will be created under Labels.
  5. Now, navigate to Google Drive, create a new folder, and assign a name for it.

A user needs to add extensions to export Gmail emails to PDF.

Stage2: Add Extensions Via Google Spreadsheet

  1. Go to Google Spreadsheet, create a new one, and assign a name for it.
  2. Under this new spreadsheet page, go to the Extensions option.
  3. Then tap Add-ons > Get add-ons, under Extensions.export gmail emails to pdf
  4. After that, in the new window, search Save Emails and Attachments Add-ons.
  5. Install the Save Emails and Attachments Add-ons.export gmail emails to pdf

After adding extensions successfully, create a rule for them to export Gmail emails to PDF.

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Stage 3: Create a Rule for the added Extensions.

  1. Navigate to the Google Spreadsheet, and choose the installed extension.
  2. Now create a rule for the added extension.
  3. Select the same label that you created earlier in Gmail.
  4. Assign a Rule name, select the folder you saved earlier in G-Drive, and tap the Save Rule button.
  5. Now, tap on the Run button to save multiple Gmail emails as PDFs.
  6. Now, refresh your Google Drive.
  7. Go to the folder you created earlier, you will find that the task to export all Gmail emails to PDF has finished.

If you’re wondering why Gmail is not receiving emails, don’t worry! There are a few simple techniques you can try to fix the problem. Read on to learn the 5 best ways to solve this issue.

Stage 4: Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF Locally

  1. Select all the PDFs (Gmail Converted) and right-click on these messages.
  2. After that, click on the Download option.
  3. Then, it will create a zip file of your Gmail messages, you can extract it to your desired location.

The above stages can help any users who seek to find a better solution to their query about how to export multiple Gmail messages to PDF. We have seen the aforementioned stages as quite complex and tedious. And you need to follow each stage systematically to export Gmail emails to PDF.

But if you are a novice user, we suggest you go for an advanced and automated Gmail Backup Tool. It will help you to save multiple Gmail emails to PDF securely.

Easy Way to Convert Multiple Gmail Emails As PDF

The Gmail Backup Tool is one of the perfect and reliable solutions to convert Gmail emails into PDFs in bulk. You can use the utility to migrate Gmail messages into over 22 different email clients and file formats. Moreover, you can also avail of other advantages of the utility, the hows of which are illustrated below.

Extra Features to Use with Gmail Backup Software

  • You can export Gmail emails to PDF, PST, MBOX, DOC, DOCX, EML, HTML, MHTML, MSG, CSV, JIFF, TXT, PNG, JPG, etc.
  • Before converting your Gmail Email to PDF, you can preview the items contained in your mailbox.
  • This utility backs up all Gmail mailbox items such as Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, etc.
  • Its Remove Duplicate Email feature prevents your storage from duplicate files.
  • It allows a safe and secure way to migrate Gmail to Office 365, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL, IMAP, and several other email clients.
  • This utility is highly compatible with Windows and Mac versions.

Steps to Convert Multiple Gmail Emails to PDF

  1. First, Download and Run the Gmail Backup Software.
  2. On the Next window, Enter the login credentials of your Gmail from which you want to export.
  3. Then, Select the Email folders preview them, and move further.
  4. Now, opt for the PDF format from the list.
  5. You can also look at advanced features if you to filter out your emails.
  6. Set the Save Location to save the resultant file.
  7. Click the Convert button. 
  8. And Wait for it to complete the saving process.

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In this article, we have discussed the manual and professional approaches to exporting Gmail emails to PDF. However, the manual technique is lengthy and complicated and demands a high level of technical expertise. However, the automated Gmail Backup Tool eases your task of converting multiple Gmail emails to PDFs and other email clients and file formats. If you fail to accomplish the task of migrating batch Gmail emails into PDF manually, then we firmly suggest you opt for an automated tool.


1. How do I export bulk emails from Gmail?

Gmail offered a direct option to print multiple Gmail emails to PDF. But now, Google has updated its mail application, so it would be difficult for a user to directly export bulk email from Gmail into PDF. Now, if you wish to convert batch Gmail emails to PDF, you have to pass through three stages. Those are listed below.
Stage 1: Create a Label in Gmail and Folder in Google Drive
Stage2: Add Extensions Via Google Spreadsheet
Stage 3: Create a Rule for the added Extension
Nevertheless, these three stages are already illustrated above in detail. But still, if you seek more assistance, you can opt for the Gmail Backup Tool.

2. How do I backup my Gmail to an external hard drive?

However, the MS Outlook desktop application allows you to export Gmail emails to PST. format. But by using Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet, you can easily export your Google mailbox to PDF on an external hard drive.1. In Google Mail, create labels.
2. Making Google Drive Folders.
3. Google Spreadsheet Extensions Integration.
4. Developing Additional Extensions Rules.
5. Select the destination for the converted Gmail emails.

3. How to convert Gmail emails to PDFs without printing?

If you are seeking an alternative to convert your Gmail emails to PDF without printing, follow these steps.Steps to convert bulk Google emails into PDFs and others
1. Download and install the Gmail Backup Software.
2. Enter your Gmail login credentials.
3. Select the Google application as Gmail from the options.
4. Choose the file format as PDF from the drop-down menu.
5. Manage the utility feature and tap the convert button.
6. Finally, your bulk Gmail messages will convert into PDF format.

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